Week of August 24, 2003

Get Growing

Your knowledge of a healthy Earth will sprout with KidsRegen.org at www.kidsregen.org. Follow reporter Marlow through his big story about solving our environmental problems. If you’re hungry, try recipes for roasted bumblebees or lil’ radishes on wheels. Recycled materials that help save the Earth can be used to create cool arts and crafts projects. Incorporate the outdoors into a fun fitness program using the help of Natural Moves with Natalie. Now get growing! (This site is no longer available.)

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What three senses should you use when buying fresh fish?

sight, smell and touch
hearing, sight and smell
smell, taste and touch


Who said, “What can be said at all, can be said clearly”?

Ludwig Wittgenstein
Rainer Maria Rilke
Samuel Johnson


What is 3.5 miles wide and can be found in Oregon?
a crater
a compost heap
a mushroom



What’s in Your Head?

The SuperThinkers’ site at www.superpages.com/ enlightenme/superthinkers lets you exercise that all-important organ: the brain. Solve a series of strange events in The Peetnick Mysteries. Flash movies and interactive fun will keep you entertained while you figure out why the ketchup goes missing and the theater starts sinking. Make a Book has the write advice and inspirational quotes for those who yearn to write their own mysteries. Check out some already published reads in SuperShelf.

The World Under the Microscope

Get to know the oldest form of life found on Earth in MicrobeWorld at www.microbeworld.org. Meet some new micro-sized buddies such as fungi, a microbe that decomposes waste, and microbial mergers, which help fertilize plants and construct coral reefs. The tools that microbiologists use will help you inspect these tiny life forms. If you like what you see, join the microbe hunters on their journeys of discovery. Then wash your hands and go test your knowledge of microbes in everyday products.

What is your favorite thing to do on the Web?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What is bandwidth?
— Victoria, Minneapolis

Dear Victoria: Bandwidth is the term used to describe the amount of data that can be transmitted in a certain amount of time. Oftentimes it is measured in bits per second or bps. Navigating the Web as well as downloading and uploading files use up bandwidth. How bandwidth is being used is especially important for offices, schools and other locations that have networks. All of the activity within a network uses up part of its bandwidth. If there is a lot of traffic on a network, it tends to run slowly. Check out http://reviews.cnet.com/internet-speed-test to measure the bandwidth of your computer.

Dear Amy: What is kids.us?
— Jorge, San Diego

Dear Jorge: To make the Web safer for kids, the U.S. government and NeuStar, a neutral entity, have teamed up to develop kids.us. It is an online domain that will be closely monitored and regulated so that all of the information found in it is appropriate for kids. Anyone can have a site registered with a kids.us domain, but the site must meet strict standards before it is approved for the special domain name. Go to www.cms.kids.us/faqs.html for more about kids.us.

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