Week of August 17, 2003

Extra! Extra!

Calling all future reporters. Read all about High School Journalism at www.hsj.org. This site will give you a taste of the real thing with interactive quizzes and answers to burning questions such as, “What does a copy editor really do?” Once inside the student section, head to What is That? to read definitions of common news terms and occupations. Ask a Pro lets you in on the details of a journalist’s fast-paced life. Test your skills in the newsroom with five journalism-related questions.

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What does the byline identify in a news story?



What happens to the paper when you hold a UV light to a counterfeit note?

It glows
It appears dull
It catches on fire


What kind of behavior is shown when a chimp raises its arm?



Catch It If You Can

Do you have a dollar bill that doesn’t look right? Look it over carefully using Counterfeit Detection at www.indigoimage.com/count to find out if it is the real McCoy. The money circulating throughout the world has many security features, including holograms, optically variable ink, watermarks and rainbow printing. However, highly skilled counterfeiters study the individual workings or the half tones of a bill in order to print near replicas. A guide table shows some tricks for spotting a counterfeit bill. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Chimp Mania

Discover Chimpanzees living wild lives in Tanzania when you visit www.discoverchimpanzees.org. You’ll find biographies of the chimps and of the dedicated researchers who are working to understand the behaviors of these animals. A day in the life of Ian Gilby, a chimp-relationship specialist, offers video footage of a routine observation trip. Be a part of the team and listen to the sounds of these animals. Then tour the Gombe National Park, which three families of chimpanzees call home.

Is it possible to have more
than one best friend?


Speak Out Here!

Actively Involved

Summer break is nearing its end. But don’t let that be a bummer. Get involved with a club or organization at your school. From band to the debate team, choir to the student newspaper, there is plenty to do. If you can’t seem to find what you want, get a group of students together, team up with a teacher or other staff member and start an organization of your own. Below is a list of organizations that are geared toward young people. You can either get involved with one of these programs or use them as idea springboards to create your own.

Destination ImagiNation

What Kids Can Do

Youth Millennium Project: Youth Connection

Accidental Hero — Room 408

(The third site is no longer available.)


Ask Amy a Question

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