Week of August 3, 2003

Himalayan Art

Follow the path to enlightenment when you visit Himalayan Art at www.himalayanart.org. This virtual museum and international database has thousands of pieces of art. Gorgeous masks used in religious and theatrical dance are on display, as well as sculptures of Bon and Buddhist deities. Explorations for Kids takes a young approach to some Tibetan art with fun activities including Magical Animals and Exploring a Painting. They show how some paintings tell a story.

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When did Buddhism arrive in the Himalayan Mountains?

8th century
9th century
12th century


What is one type of fat that does not clog arteries?

poly- unsaturated fat
saturated fat
mondo- unsaturated fat


What are the three primary colors?
red, yellow and blue
red, green and blue
cyan, magenta and yellow



Chew on This

Sink your teeth into Smart-Mouth.org at www.cspinet.org/ smartmouth. Recipes and articles dish out the ingredients for yummy treats and a healthy lifestyle. Choose Ur Chews compares calories and saturated fat levels in popular fast-food items. A handful of Snacktoids will satisfy your craving for heart-healthy factoids. Play the game “Trust Gus” and find out if you can spot misleading advertising. Then send a bite back to companies that promote unhealthy eating.

Color of News

What do you get when you combine psychology and color? Find out at www.poynterextra.org/cp/ index.html. Color, Contrast and Dimension in News Design takes you step-by-step through the basics of color and information design. See how newspaper designers use colorful pages to make people think they read more than they actually do in Eye Trac Research. One experiment shows you how you can make the color green appear spontaneously when you close your eyes. Hint: Think complementary colors.

Do you think the Bill of Rights should apply to every person?

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Hit the Road, Jack

I’m about to hit the road. But unlike the song, I plan to come back. Where am I going? I’m headed to San Antonio, Dallas and Oklahoma City to see some friends. My dad reminded me to check out my car before leaving town. Rand McNally provides a car check-up checklist at www.randmcnally.com/rmc/road/travelTips/ ttCheckList.jsp. (This site is no longer available.)

What about you? Are you taking a road trip in the near future? If so, start planning now. Whether you want to visit friends, wander through a national park or check out a city or town that you’ve never seen, do a little research online before you hit the road. Log on to Yahooligans or your favorite kid-friendly search engine and check out the climate where you’re going or if there will be any special festivals or activities while you’re there. Also find out about funky things to see along the way. The silly little places you don’t always hear about can be lots of fun. You’ll probably want directions and a map, so go to MapQuest at www.mapquest.com and enter your destination. Go ahead and plan your trip. It’ll be great!

— Amy

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