A Surftificate is a printed agreement showing that you know how to surf the World Wide Web safely.

SurftificatePrint up your own Surftificate! Type in your first name in the text box below. Then read each sentence. If you agree with what it says, click on the checkbox next to it. Put your own ideas about why it's important to be safe on the Web in the box at the bottom. When you're done, click the Preview button and then the OK button to see your Surftificate. Use your browser's Back button if you want to change anything. When it looks the way you want it to, print your Surftificate and hang it by your computer.

Keep in mind that your opinion and your parents' opinion about what is safe may not be the same. It always helps to talk over important things like safety so take time to sit down with your parents and together you can write down your guidelines for staying safe on the Web.

Your Name (first name only!):

Read each statement carefully. If you agree, check the box next to it. It will be printed on your Surftificate.

  1. I know that the Internet is not exactly like my neighborhood.
  2. I know that online friends may be just like me, but I should be cautious of everyone I meet on the Internet.
  3. Even though I trust my friends I've met on the Web, I know not to arrange a meeting without asking my parents.
  4. When I'm in a chatroom or any website, I know not to:
    type in my real name.
    type in my home telephone number.
    type in my school name and location.
    type in my parents' name and where they work.
  5. I know that I'm in control when I'm in a chatroom. If anyone asks me something I don't like, I will:
    exit the chatroom.
    tell my parents immediately.
  6. I know that if anyone asks me to describe what I look like or asks any questions that make me feel uncomfortable, I will:
    not write back.
    tell my parents immediately.
  7. I know that if I surf across a website that makes me uncomfortable or seems too "grown-up", I will:
    go to another website.
    ask my parents to help decide whether or not the Website is okay to look at.
    if my parents decide the site is not for me, I'll skip over it and find another site.

I want to add my personal statement explaining why I think safety is important when surfing the Internet. Type your thoughts in this box to personalize your safety agreement. What you write here will print out on your Surftificate.

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