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Wander Into Wonderment Issue Date: 02-07-2010

Cool Spots imageThe Art Institute of Chicago wants you to explore your curiosities at Curious Corner, www.artic.edu/aic/education/
. Story Time will introduce you to some new tales, such as Ganesha Gets His Head and The Golden Bird. Play games at Match Up where you will be challenged to different kinds of matching games, such as those that ask you to identify texture and sound. Lastly, try some more new fun with Play With Art. Here you will be introduced to Cornell Boxes, the fabulous collection creations of artist Joseph Cornell.

Visit: www.artic.edu/aic/education/CC
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A Picture is Worth… Issue Date: 08-30-2009

Cool Spots imageOrder up a side of fun with your art at Portraits and Portraiture, www.museumnetworkuk.org/portraits/activities/activities.html. Try your best to make The Laughing Cavalier really giggle when you click and drag different looks for him from rosier cheeks to a flashy grin. Next, see how much you know about famous faces when you try to guess what the future held for them in What Happened to Me? Before you move on, play the perfect host or hostess in Pauline's Party, where you must seat renowned works of art next to each other for a guaranteed good time.

Visit: www.museumnetworkuk.org/portraits/activities/activities.html
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Connect the Dots Issue Date: 08-02-2009

Cool Spots imageGet down with Kusama's World of Dots, www.qag.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/file/0009/24786/_worldofdots.swf. This contemporary Japanese artist was inspired by a dotted tablecloth and has since added these round accents to everything from cats to cities! Wanna try to create some dotterific designs for yourself? This interactive art site will give you the chance! Just pick up a color and choose a dot style to begin styling an awesome room. If you want to start over, you can always try again. So feel free, let your imagination flow and be as creative as you can!

Visit: www.qag.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/file/0009/24786/_worldofdots.swf
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Enter Warhol's World Issue Date: 07-19-2009

Cool Spots imageUncover all the ins and outs of Andy Warhol's life at Warhol's World, www.qag.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/file/0005/48992/intro.swf. Press start and begin to work your way through the four time capsules that will usher you through Warhol's life. See how things like his camera inspired his work and learn how old he was when he turned his first profit. Pay close attention to the narrator, who will guide you through specific periods and decisions that shaped the course of both this famous artist's early life and his later career.

Visit: www.qag.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/file/0005/48992/intro.swf
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Art On The Street Issue Date: 02-22-2009

Cool Spots imageStroll through colorful creations in The Tate Museum's Street Art Collection at http://kids.tate.org.uk/games/street-art. Street art is more than spray paint. Many street artists have been honing their skills for years, but this site allows you to try your hand at beautifying the side of a building right away with no professional training. You can pick a color and also a thickness to get the perfect look. Add stickers and maybe some stencils and you are set! You can always clear your work if you want to start over.

Visit: http://kids.tate.org.uk/games/street-art
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