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Meet the Cartoonist Issue Date: 11-06-2016

Cool Spots imageDo you like drawing? Pauline Comanor, nicknamed the “World’s Fastest Cartoonist,” was committed to protecting animals and making learning fun. At New York’s Central Park Zoo in 1973, she observed a monkey who changed her life. Chunky Monkey, chunkymonkey.com, became a regular part of her “Cartoon-In” events around the country. She created art on the spot and gave away thousands of sketches at her events. Take Drawing Lessons to create your own Silly Zoo characters, then read Original Stories inspired by her famous furry friend. Visit Monkey on a Mission to hear catchy tunes and learn about the rainforest.

Visit: http://chunkymonkey.com
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Identify the Sound Issue Date: 06-12-2016

Cool Spots imageHow well do you know your musical instruments? The PC Philharmonic has created a game that will challenge your listening and instrument identification skills at musicgames.net/livegames/orchestra/orchestra2.htm. Movies, theaters and outdoor concerts are just some of the venues that use live music to add to the atmosphere of a performance. If you are considering joining the school band or orchestra, or simply want to learn to play an instrument yourself, listening to a variety of instruments may help you narrow down your choices. Once you match the instruments to their sounds, enjoy the glorious excerpt from Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.”

Visit: http://musicgames.net/livegames/orchestra/orchestra2.htm
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Be Creative Issue Date: 09-06-2015

Cool Spots imageIf you like using your imagination, you will enjoy visiting Culture Street, culturestreet.org.uk/activities. Login requires an email address and password, so ask a parent to help you get started. Once you are in, take a stroll down the street and stop at places that look interesting. For instance, the Super Action Comic Maker allows you to write and print your own comic strips by providing backgrounds, characters and scene choices. Still images come to life in the Stop Frame Animator, where you select a scene, add music, animate and press Play to watch your character come to life.

Visit: http://culturestreet.org.uk/activities
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Behind the Scenes Issue Date: 06-21-2015

Cool Spots imageMusic, television, magazines and the Internet are all media that influence our opinions about celebrities. Enter My Pop Studio, mypopstudio.com, to experience mass media behind the scenes. In the Music Studio, create a pop star and help build her image. Next, create a commercial and choose a song to sell each product in Selling With a Song. Discover your TV personality in Out of the Box. As a Magazine Publisher, you have the chance to get the story right, before it is published. Now explore different issues in Digital Studio.

Visit: http://mypopstudio.com
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Build a Factory Issue Date: 06-07-2015

Cool Spots imageDo you enjoy building and creating things? Design Squad Nation’s Fidgit Factory by PBS Kids,pbskids.org/designsquad/games/fidgit_factory, is a game that helps you understand how electrical circuits work. Your job is to build circuits and install machines in the factory so it will be ready for the Fidgets’ party. Once the factory is set up, your challenge is to build the Fidgets before you run out of power. You have a limited number of batteries, so you must work fast! Unlock new levels as you complete each task successfully. Check out More Epic Stuff for games and fun videos, such as Parts and Crafts.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/designsquad/games/fidgit_factory
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