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Seeing Color in Motion Issue Date: 09-26-2004

Cool Spots imageColors make the world a brighter place. Watch as primary and secondary colors spring to life in Color in Motion, at www.mariaclaudiacortes.com, an animated and interactive experience of communication and symbolism. The Stars is where you get your chance to view the colors one-by-one and learn fun facts about them. Put your theater skills to use as you direct the color of your choice in an emotional scene in The Lab. Or sit back and relax as each color presents a short film in The Movies.

Visit: www.mariaclaudiacortes.com
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Color of News Issue Date: 08-03-2003

Cool Spots imageWhat do you get when you combine psychology and color? Find out at www.poynterextra.org/cp. Color, Contrast and Dimension in News Design takes you step-by-step through the basics of color and information design. See how newspaper designers use colorful pages to make people think they read more than they actually do in Eye Trac Research. One experiment shows you how you can make the color green appear spontaneously when you close your eyes. Hint: Think complementary colors.

Visit: www.poynterextra.org/cp
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Eye See Color Issue Date: 06-23-2002

Cool Spots imageColor Matters to the brain, to vision, to science and design, and especially to www.colormatters.com. This colorful site has the facts behind Color & the Brain. It also explains the importance of color in Design, including how Web sites choose the best colors to sell their products. You can learn about connections between Color & the World, such as how certain colors can help reduce energy consumption. Before you go car shopping, check out Color Effects of Cars, and find out which drivers get the most speeding tickets based on the color of their cars. Hue'll love this site! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.colormatters.com
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