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Fashion Forum Issue Date: 09-23-2001

Cool Spots imageCheck out the latest threads at www.pbs.org/newshour/on2/fashion.html. Discover the ins and outs of fashion and find out who decides what's cool to wear. Play the Name Game by exploring cool trends in nail polish. You can also get the latest info on school uniforms and fast food fashion or find out about color-coded hair. So put on your favorite outfit and head to the Online NewsHour Extra: Fashion.

Visit: www.pbs.org/newshour/on2/fashion.html
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Sole Searching Issue Date: 10-10-1999

Cool Spots imageAs the year 2000 approaches, everyone wants to look back at the highlights of this century. But you've never seen history like this-from the ground up! Lace this address www.centuryinshoes.com into your browser. The Century in Shoes site is like a time capsule ... but just for feet! It shows us how the objects in our lives say a lot about us and the world we live in. Stroll through the decades with great multimedia effects and animations. (You might have to get some help upgrading if you don't have the latest software, but it's easy and worth it.) Boots, buckles, high heels and sneakers make for a pretty cool way to learn about history, huh? You'll see why shoes were fancy even during the Great Depression, and you'll learn where some of today's foot fashions got their inspiration. Don't be a heel; give this site a try!

Visit: www.centuryinshoes.com
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