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The Melodies of America Issue Date: 04-17-2005

Cool Spots imageThe University of Virginia Library invites you to Lift Every Voice with Music In American Life at www2.lib.virginia.edu/exhibits/music. Here you can unfold the history behind "This Land is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie. Then, In Protest Songs, learn about the music of the civil rights movement. In Virginiana, find out what one of Thomas Jefferson's former slaves had to say about Jefferson's love for music. The audio clips allow you to listen to famous tunes such as "Ol' Man River" by Paul Robeson and "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" by Lead Belly. Let the music be your guide.

Visit: www2.lib.virginia.edu/exhibits/music
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Sounds of the Symphony Issue Date: 03-13-2005

Cool Spots imageWith SFS Kids the sights and sounds of music come alive at www.sfskids.org. In Instruments of the Orchestra, meet the string, woodwind, brass and percussion families. Learn about each instrument, the sound it makes, and where to find it on the orchestra seating chart. The fun really begins in the Music Lab where the Composerizer lets you play with measures and notes and even create your very own tune. Then, take a break and tune into the Radio. Just close your eyes and relax to the sounds of famous composers such as Bach, Tchaikovsky, Gershwin and Mozart.

Visit: www.sfskids.org
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We Lost the Beat? Issue Date: 12-05-2004

Cool Spots imageJoin Robbie and Curly in their Musical Mysteries at www.bbc.co.uk/northern ireland/schools/4_11/music/mm/ index.shtml. Grandpa is conducting the orchestra at Waterfront Hall and needs your help finding his lost music sheets. You'll have to complete several activities such as locating sounds with and without a beat, creating a sound story, looking for special sounds in Marble Arch Caves and building your own composition. Review the orchestra fact files if you have any questions. Now, get to work and find Grandpa's lost music.

Visit: www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/schools/4_11/music/mm/index.shtml
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They're Oldies but Goodies Issue Date: 10-24-2004

Cool Spots imageBang your head to the really-oldies with Classics for Kids at www.classicsforkids .com. You may have balked at Bach or moaned at Mozart in the past, but this exciting site makes classic composers come to life. The selection of kid-friendly music includes Gustav Holst's cosmically cool "The Planets" symphony and Aaron Copeland's beefy classic "Rodeo." Movies and commercials still use these tunes, so don't call them outdated. Be sure to check out everything in Games and take a ride on the Composer Time Machine.

Visit: www.classicsforkids.com
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Keeping Score With Tchaikovsky Issue Date: 10-10-2004

Cool Spots imageClassical music might seem old and stuffy, but at Keeping Score, it's easy to experience the emotion and meaning that composers intended. Flit over to www.keepingscore.org to get caught up in a tangle of beautiful sounds. You'll explore the intricate movements of Piotr Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony. His music goes from calm and serene to pounding and playful. Learn how the notes on his sheets reflect the ups and downs of his life. Then make some Primal Moves to find out how composers can mimic the emotions of anger, happiness, sorrow and wonder.

Visit: www.keepingscore.org
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