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Country Style Issue Date: 11-04-2012

Cool Spots imagePut on your dancing shoes, because you'll be grooving to the music as you listen to and explore the history of country music at Dreaming My Dreams, countrymusichalloffame.org/singmebackhome. Begin in the 1960s and discover the decade’s music, famous instruments and awesome performances When Two Worlds Collide. Click on albums such as Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" and hear tunes that are still popular. Move on to Long-Haired Country Boys to discover the fiddle and the rowdy sound that remain in today's country music. So Much Cooler Online highlights artists you'll definitely recognize, such as Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.

Visit: countrymusichalloffame.org/singmebackhome
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Discover Classical Music Issue Date: 05-27-2012

Cool Spots imageCreative Kids Central, classicalkusc.org/kids, presents a beautifully animated classical music extravaganza for your listening pleasure. Begin with Opera to experience a snippet of opera sung by colorful canine characters. Now uncover your talent for costume design, set design and choreography as you design your own opera in Hansel and Gretel's Opera Interactive. Have you ever been to Vienna? Travel through time to Brahms' 1890s Vienna with Ferdinand Schumann as he rides the RingStrasse Trolley in search of three famous musicians. There are fun music games and challenges along the way, so listen carefully!

Visit: classicalkusc.org/kids
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Something Fun Issue Date: 02-19-2012

Cool Spots imageKids can rock out at Chuck Vanderchuck's “Something Something” Explosion, pbskids.org/chuck. Begin with Music and choose from salsa, jazz, reggae, country or rock. Pick your favorite, then the band will tell you the origin of that genre, who performed it, and the instruments to listen for. Move over to Videos and watch Chuck, Ramona and Zeppelin get their groove on, tell crazy jokes and offer fun music facts. They will have you bobbin' your head and stompin' your feet! Rock steady with this awesome collection of music.

Visit: pbskids.org/chuck
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A Symphony of Sound Issue Date: 01-22-2012

Cool Spots imageWelcome to the Nashville Symphony Website for Kids at nashvillesymphony.
. Go to NSO Kids, where musicians and their instruments take center stage for your perusal. Click on Symphony Spotlight to put faces to the featured instruments. Choose an artist and learn about how he or she came to love music. Our Instruments allows you to roll over flutes, French horns and percussion offerings and see their placement in the orchestra. With so many great sounds and videos to discover, music appreciation has never been so note-worthy!

Visit: nashvillesymphony.org/kids
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Making Music Issue Date: 12-04-2011

Cool Spots imageDifferent regions offer up a diverse group of musical instruments. Put them together and play World Music Composer, www.nms.ac.uk/kids/
. Move through all the “hot spots” the world map has to offer to get an earful of local musical offerings. The African tipow will help you lay a strong rhythm, while the South American charango can turn out lively strumming. Use the mixing board to listen to your original compositions. Try as many instruments as you can to see what rocks your world.

Visit: www.nms.ac.uk/kids/world_music_composer.aspx
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