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The Symphony of Friendship Issue Date: 11-02-1997

Cool Spots imageBrought to you by the children of Bando Elementary School in Bando, Japan, the Symphony of Friendship is a heartfelt holiday tale. Tune in to www.mandala.co.jp/B9/P00E.html and you'll enjoy the story about the start of the Japanese custom of playing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony at Christmas. While flipping through the site's pages, you'll be taken back 80 years into Japan's past with cool drawings and adventurous narration. By story's end, you too will be touched by the gift of music and how it can promote peace between cultures and nations. Gather your friends, fetch a hot cocoa, and gather around the monitor, because it's story time! The Symphony of Friendship is Japan's Christmas present to the children of the world.

Visit: www.mandala.co.jp/B9/P00E.html
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Southern Music Issue Date: 10-19-1997

Cool Spots imageFrom Louis Armstrong to Elvis Presley, and Hank Williams to Ray Charles, the American South remains one of the hottest musical meccas in the world. Rock, jazz, blues and country have all made names for themselves here, and now you can find out why, at the Southern Music Web site. Simply rock and roll out to www.southernmusic.net and you'll be immersed in a world of Louisiana Swing, vintage guitars and the Grand Ole Opry. Once you arrive, you can take a trip along the Southern music timeline, extending all the way back to the turn of the century, or check up on the latest music notes from Texas to Virginia. For the traveling crowd, there are links to popular cities and destinations. You'll even run into information on related books, featured artists, and the legendary Gibson guitar. And don't forget to tune in to the Southern music netcast. After all, it's time to shake, rattle and roll! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.southernmusic.net
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History In Song Issue Date: 06-01-1997

Cool Spots imageSongs have been used for thousands of years to record history, and now you can move to the tempo of history on the Web. Discover historical events through art, stories and the rhythm and melody of songs and music. www.ushistory.com entertains and teaches us about the timeless spirit of the American experience through song. Check out the artwork, wave Old Glory and sing along at this great site.

Visit: www.ushistory.com
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Rock Music Hall Of Fame Issue Date: 06-01-1997

Cool Spots imageDo you know what The Beatles and The Grateful Dead have in common with R.E.M. and Sonic Youth? They have all performed songs that are included in the list of the 500 songs that shaped Rock and Roll. At www.rockhall.com check out the Rock Music Hall of Fame's listening lounge to hear the sounds of all the rock legends. They say it like no one else, so "Don't Worry Baby," you will get some "Good Vibrations" when you "Rock Around the Clock" because the "Times, They Are A-Changin'." Dig it.

Visit: www.rockhall.com
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Ebony and Ivory Really Jams Issue Date: 02-16-1997

Cool Spots imageThe piano is one of our most fascinating and beautiful musical instruments. From the composers of centuries gone by to the pianists of today, the piano continues to dazzle and mesmerize its listeners. At www.pianoeducation.org you can learn everything you need to know about this musical form. The Piano Education Page has more than 200 pages of information. You'll find lessons, piano software, learning tools and links to other great music sites. If you're a budding Chopin, you'll love reading the "interviews" of famous pianists or checking out the latest competition updates. For those who are just starting to tickle the ivories, there are tips on buying a piano and finding the teacher that's right for you. And with a special section just for kids, the Piano Education Page will definitely be music to your ears.

Visit: www.pianoeducation.org
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