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Symphony No. 9 Issue Date: 08-13-2017

Cool Spots image Have you ever wondered what inspires a composer to create a musical masterpiece? Carnegie Hall honors Czech composer Antonin Dvorak’s work in the exhibit Symphony No. 9, “From the New World,” at tinyurl.com/6p5pct2. Listen to the music and read the composer’s thoughts about the themes behind each piece. Find out which instruments he used to depict darker themes and which create a lighthearted sound. As you explore this listening adventure, games and challenges are available in Activities. Get ready to listen and drag the notes to the correct place on the staff in Write It Down, then take the Dvorak Challenge.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/6p5pct2
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Guitar Lessons Online Issue Date: 05-21-2017

Cool Spots image Have you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar? Justin Guitar, justinguitar.com, was created by a music instructor who wanted to make lessons available to anyone interested in learning. There are more than 1,000 video lessons available at the site. Take the Beginner’s Course to get started and then move on to the Intermediate Courses, where you will be able to choose from your favorite genres of music to play. There is even a series of lessons to help you learn to play the ukulele, if you prefer a smaller instrument. The Reference section will answer many of your questions about scales, guitar gear and technique.

Visit: http://justinguitar.com
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Visit the Symphony Issue Date: 09-25-2016

Cool Spots imageExperience music through interactive games and activities when you visit the Dallas Symphony’s DSO Kids, dsokids.com. In Listen you will have the chance to hear famous works and read biographies of your favorite composers. Step onto the field to play Beethoven’s Baseball, where correct answers about famous composers throughout history will help you win the game. Build Your Own Xylophone, take Flat Beethoven along on your next adventure and more, with Activities at Home. The DSO Kids Gallery features photos and original artwork shared by kids around the world who love music just as much as you do. Share your favorite musical moments.

Visit: http://dsokids.com
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Meet the Orchestra Issue Date: 07-24-2016

Cool Spots imageThe Nashville Symphony Orchestra presents NSO Kids, nsokids.org. In Symphony Spotlight, you will meet some of the musicians who play for the symphony. Learn a little bit about how each musician came to choose this profession and listen to them play. In Our Instruments, take a closer look at the stage and see the positions of the instruments in the orchestra. Did you know that the word “glockenspiel” is German for “play of bells”? Listen to it play and decide if the name fits. Because of its sound, the gong is often used to make the sound of a thunderstorm or an ocean wave. Find out how the harp’s invention has roots in hunting.

Visit: http://nsokids.org
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Play Ball! Issue Date: 06-12-2016

Cool Spots imageArtsEdge, tinyurl.com/ztxxslt, brings sports and music together when you play Perfect Pitch. Take the Field and choose an era of music to begin. Before you create your lineup, Meet the Players. The Baroque instruments have existed the longest. Learn the Basics, meet the All Stars and gather Fun Facts about each instrument— this knowledge will help you when the game begins. Can you guess which era introduced percussion? Visit the time periods to find out. Each instrument family gained new members in the Romantic era. See if you can name them all. When you are ready, click on home plate to Play Ball!

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/ztxxslt
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