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Go Dancing Issue Date: 10-18-2015

Cool Spots imageYoung Dancers, www.young-dancers.org/main.html, is dedicated to kids who love dance. Dance is something you can enjoy in many ways, from taking classes, to dancing competitively, to watching live performances. Visit Beginners to find out about types of dance such as Classical Greek and Modern Theatre. Read interviews with professional dancers in Spotlight. Impress your friends with Dance Trivia, then visit the YD Gallery to see photographs of beautiful dancers. You can submit your original art to win a prize, or send a colorful dance-themed e-card.

Visit: http://www.young-dancers.org/main.html
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Let’s Dance! Issue Date: 05-03-2015

Cool Spots imageFred and Ginger invite you to visit the Dance Kids Club, www.dance-kids.org, a place for kids who love to dance. Step inside to explore. If you like reading, don’t miss the adventures of Nina in Dance Stories. You’ll find the clues you need to become a Dance Detective in these stories. Do kids dance the same in every country? Select the Dancing Globe to travel to Poland, Austria, Sweden and Greece, and find out more about dance in different cultures. Check out Games to solve puzzles, navigate a Crazy Maze and put the picture together in the Mystery Game.

Visit: http://www.dance-kids.org
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Music and Dance Issue Date: 05-12-2013

Cool Spots imageThe National Museum of the American Indian presents Circle of Dance, nmai.si.edu/exhibitions/circleofdance, a look at the influence of music and dance in native peoples’ lives. Study colorful costumes in the Tlingit Ku.éex’ Entrance Dance and see why their songs are so easy to learn. Find out the significance of the ceremonial Hopi Butterfly Dance and who may participate. Does this remind you of celebrations in other cultures? The Pajko’ora Dance has changed dramatically over time — what does it mean today?

Visit: nmai.si.edu/exhibitions/circleofdance
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Great Entertainers Issue Date: 01-27-2013

Cool Spots imageTake a video tour of tap in Dancing With Gregory Hines, joy2learn.org/dancing. From the early 1900s, tap dancing was popular in a variety of entertainment formats, such as vaudeville, minstrel shows and movie musicals. Explore The History of Tap before moving to The Creative Process. In Changing Personal Styles, Hines demonstrates how his dancing style evolved over time. As you watch The Artists of Tap, compare the different techniques over the years of Bill \"Bojangles\" Robinson, Ginger Rogers and Savion Glover. Are you ready for a quiz in Activities?

Visit: joy2learn.org/dancing
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Dance Culture Issue Date: 11-11-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Dance Heritage Coalition shares its 100 Treasures, danceheritage.org/treasures.html, a fascinating look at the rich heritage of American dance and its brightest contributors. If you love ballet, you'll be mesmerized watching Suzanne Farrell. Before MTV, "American Bandstand" was known for introducing the latest dance craze and new performers. Watch a clip of the show to see if you recognize any of the moves. The Nicholas Brothers will get your toes tappin' as you read about their amazing 60-year career. Can you keep up with the fancy footwork at the Savoy Ballroom?

Visit: danceheritage.org/treasures.html
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