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A Different Art Issue Date: 11-18-2007

Cool Spots imageLearn about abstract art and its history when you visit Art in the Abstract at www.museum.state.
. Why Abstraction? helps you learn about the origin of this artistic interpretation. Click on Artists Respond to get answers from famous artists who embraced the abstract like Paul Cézanne and Arthur Dove. Expand your mind with new insights into the development of abstract expression at Seeing Things Differently. Then cross the line into unrecognizable imagery as you understand more about this amazing art form.

Visit: www.museum.state.il.us/ismdepts/art/Abstract
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A New Voice Issue Date: 10-07-2007

Cool Spots imageGet a new perspective at Del Corazon: Latino Voices in American Art, http://delcorazon.si.edu. Listen to different Latino artists discuss their work and express cultural experiences in Artistas. Take a trip into the Galleria to view works such as "Our Lady of Guadalupe," "Death Cart" and "Mis Hermanos." Let your imagination wander through Inspiracion as you read about the artists, their communities, and the processes and techniques they use to create their art. The brilliant minds of Profesores come together to share new ideas and interesting lessons on Chicano mythology and Latino leaders.

Visit: http://delcorazon.si.edu
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The Apple of His Eye Issue Date: 09-23-2007

Cool Spots imageSee how Paul Cezanne caught the attention of sophisticated Parisians with his apple-themed art when you visit Cezanne's Astonishing Apples at www.metmuseum.org/explore/
. Explore Cezanne for insight into his artistic apple approach. You can also browse through his and other painters' works and find tips on where you can see Cezanne's original art. Look Closely invites you to zoom in on Cezanne's paintings and examine the apples for color and life. Practice reading at An Apple a Day, then head off to Things to Do for fun quizzes and projects.

Visit: www.metmuseum.org/explore/cezannes_apples/menu.html
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Brush With Brilliance Issue Date: 12-10-2006

Cool Spots imageUnleash your inner artist when you visit A Brush with Wildlife at www.wildlifeart.org/
. Balance, contrast and pattern are just a few important artistic elements you can see in action when you click on Art Principles Animated. Discover the importance of composition and its uses and goals in the Composition Studio. Then work through the steps to create your own artwork. Once you feel prepared, submit your artistic composition to the Critique Gallery and receive constructive feedback.

Visit: www.wildlifeart.org/Rungius
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Picture Perfect Portrait Issue Date: 10-29-2006

Cool Spots imageSharpen your pencils and your artistic skills when you enter Arty Factory at www.artyfactory.com/portraits. Portrait Proportions explains the dynamics of drawing faces. Practice pencil shading techniques to give your art form and depth. Then fine-tune your design with beautiful Portrait Features, described step-by-step, to master the drawing of eyes, ears, lips and noses. In Pencil Portrait learn three basic steps to help you create your own masterpiece. Then challenge yourself with Portrait Puzzles, where you will click and drag to re-create beautiful faces.

Visit: www.artyfactory.com/portraits
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