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Hansen's Talented Hands Issue Date: 08-03-2008

Cool Spots imageExplore Gaylen Hansen: Three Decades of Paintings at www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/
, where you will find artistic insights from the artist himself. Scroll through some of Hansen's work in the Image Gallery and see if anyone starts to look familiar. Click on Who is the Kernal? to see why this image appears in many of Hansen's pieces. For a firsthand account, visit "A Na´ve Style," and then listen to Hansen describe his art as you scroll though cool audio clips at the bottom of the page.

Visit: www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/interactives/gaylenHansen/index.html
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Radical Restorations Issue Date: 07-20-2008

Cool Spots imageGet a glimpse of all the hard work that goes into preserving art for the ages at The Minneapolis Institute of Art's Restoration Online, www.artsmia.org/restoration-online. The recovery process for two famous works of art is made available to curious minds. When art is very old, the chances of it being damaged are pretty good. Explore the Condition Report and Problem Areas to help determine what needs to be fixed. A Look Back features a restoration journal, where you can watch the painting as it is cleaned. Beauty sure takes a lot of work!

Visit: www.artsmia.org/restoration-online
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Add Some Perspective Issue Date: 06-01-2008

Cool Spots imageLearn about the finer points of landscapes at www.schoolsliaison.org
, where budding artists will find important information on how to incorporate believable landscapes into their art. Check out the horizon line and help your sea meet your sky in a realistic fashion. Look down from up above in Aerial Perspective and discover how layers play a role in your piece. Before you go, complete your own landscape, and then print your work to share with friends and family.

Visit: www.schoolsliaison.org.uk/kids/landscape.htm
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A Marvelous Memento Issue Date: 04-20-2008

Cool Spots imageTake a minute to play a game about the world around you in Tate's Memento Mori at http://kids.tate.org.uk/games/ memento-mori. Visit the Room to view fabulous artwork that includes the abstract and the bizarre. Look closely because the clues here will help you win the game. In the Game, scroll through the same works of art and use your detective skills to uncover their traits. Then solve the several riddles and make your way to the game board, where we'll see just how fast you can think on your feet.

Visit: http://kids.tate.org.uk/games/ memento-mori
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Women Bringing It On Issue Date: 04-13-2008

Cool Spots imagePerspectives: Women Artists in North America, www.virtualmuseum.ca/
, invites all genders and ages to visit an online museum. Venture into Private Worlds and discover how artists captured the beauty in simple everyday objects. Next, explore images of where we live in Land & Place. Beyond Modernity features famous recent works, such as "The Officiator" and "The Contrary." Whatever your personal preference, this site will bring out art appreciation in everyone.

Visit: www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/Perspectives/English
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