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Stories of an Indian God Issue Date: 01-25-2004

Cool Spots imageGo on an adventure with a Hindu god when you hear Stories of Krishna at www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/
. Krishna is the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. Nine paintings tell the story of how Krishna became a demon-slaying hero who interacted with gods and mortals. The paintings depict Krishna in many stages of his life, including his romance with the beautiful cow-herder Radha. After hearing the stories, the card game will test your knowledge of the characters in Krishna's intimate world.

Visit: www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/interactives/intimateWorlds/enter.asp
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Arts of Native America Issue Date: 01-18-2004

Cool Spots imageHave you ever closed your eyes and wished you were Surrounded by Beauty? At www.artsmia.org/
, keep your eyes open so that you can admire beautiful Native American artwork. Finely detailed totem poles and masks stand tall along the Northwest Coast. Animal hide paintings depict life of the Plains Indians. And the Southwest nations make elegant jewelry, baskets and pottery.

Visit: www.artsmia.org/surrounded-by-beauty
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The Writing on the Walls Issue Date: 01-11-2004

Cool Spots imageJean-Marie Chauvet discovered The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc in 1994. Today you can visit the cave online and explore paintings, engravings and animal bones in the cave at www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/arcnat/chauvet/
. In Research you'll find a cave painting of a bison composed of several handprints. Drawings of lions and bears, animals that were not hunted, are unique to this cave. Learn about Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc's geological importance when you go to Time and Space.

Visit: www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/arcnat/chauvet/en
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Painting Cannot Tell a Lie Issue Date: 10-12-2003

Cool Spots imageHidden symbols in a famous portrait reveal a lot about America's first president at http://georgewashington.si.edu. George Washington: A National Treasure gives you a look at this Gilbert Stewart painting from an art sleuth's perspective. In Kids, a virtual spyglass uncovers missing parts of the painting, such as Washington's silver shoe buckles and sword. In The Portrait, you can analyze Washington's clothes, stance and surroundings using three different filters in order to understand the significance of each element.

Visit: http://georgewashington.si.edu
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Artistic Tools Issue Date: 10-12-2003

Cool Spots imageMake an art connection with The Artist's Toolkit: Visual Ele-ments and Principles at www.artsconnected.org/toolkit. Tools of the trade, such as lines, color, balance and rhythm, are essential to artists. You'll learn about the important roles each one plays when you watch an animated demonstration. Find examples of each concept in different artworks. Then create your own composition. Also you can watch artists Ta-Coumba Aiken and Judy Onofrio create original compositions.

Visit: www.artsconnected.org/toolkit
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