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Restoring Art Issue Date: 08-13-2017

Cool Spots image The Colonial Williamsburg Museum Project presents Conserving the Murray Sisters, history.org/history/museums/murraySisters, an art restoration project. The portrait was painted in 1794, and the effort to restore it was painstaking. As you explore the exhibit, learn about the different types of light used to identify damage to the canvas. Examine the portrait Before Treatment to get an idea of the task experts had before them. Did you know that restoring an old portrait can take hundreds of hours? Inspect the painting when it is Partially Cleaned to see the difference. Next, Compare the original portrait to the project at various stages.

Visit: http://history.org/history/museums/murraySisters
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Art Games Issue Date: 12-20-2015

Cool Spots imageArt is not just fun and games at Tate Kids, kids.tate.org.uk/games. Older paintings need to be restored before they are put on display. You can help when you enter the Art Lab and use tools to carefully remove dust, grime, varnish and cracks from a famous painting. The artwork from Alice in Wonderland is featured in Wondermind, where you will challenge your working memory when you step inside the brain. Check out the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden and join the treasure hunt. You will earn a pebble for each sculpture you find. Next, use the clues to see if you can solve the mystery in The Secret Dancer.

Visit: http://kids.tate.org.uk/games
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Meet the Illustrator Issue Date: 10-26-2014

Cool Spots imageEnter the Jerry Pinkney Studio, jerrypinkneystudio.com, to meet a talented artist and illustrator of children’s books. As a young boy he suffered from dyslexia, a Learning Difference that made it difficult for him to read. He quickly discovered that drawing helped him focus, and he was able to find different ways to learn in order to excel as a student. For the past 50 years, he has been illustrating Children’s Books and adult fiction. Read more about his life in Biography. If you are an aspiring artist, you will find inspiration from his life’s work. Watch interviews with Jerry in Media.

Visit: http://jerrypinkneystudio.com
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Tim Burton Issue Date: 09-21-2014

Cool Spots imageA video interview About Tim Burton, moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2009/timburton/index.php, reveals how his early career as an illustrator influenced his work in film. His unique style has made his work easily recognizable. The Exhibition describes sources of his inspiration, such as newspaper comics, greeting cards, toys and cartoons. Go Behind the Scenes with famous creations such as the Topiary from “Edward Scissorhands.” Scroll through Works to see posters, sketchbooks and paintings.

Visit: http://moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2009/timburton/index.php
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Secrets of the Mona Lisa Issue Date: 11-03-2013

Cool Spots imageYou will feel as if you have traveled across the ocean and are standing in the Louvre Museum when you take a closer look at the Mona Lisa, musee.louvre.fr/oal/joconde/indexEN.html. We’ve all seen the image of the famous painting in textbooks and pictures, but have you ever wondered who she really was? Leonardo da Vinci worked on the portrait for four years and left it unfinished, yet it remains one of the world’s priceless works of art. Examine The Model, The Work in Its Time, and Light and Shade. As you explore, see if you can tell why the painting is so special.

Visit: http://musee.louvre.fr/oal/joconde/indexEN.html
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