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Artful Heritage Issue Date: 01-20-2013

Cool Spots imageGrab your helmet and telescope to begin your hands-on exploration of Crafting North Carolina, mintmuseum.org/craftingnc. Native Americans lived there 12,000 years ago, long before history was being written. Click on Early NC, then the arrowhead to read about life before the first explorers. Do you like exciting tales? Adventurers from Europe sailed across the sea in search of new lands, guided by early maps — some of which showed sea serpents! Learn about craft artists who still use the state's natural resources in their art. Print a FunSheet for a scavenger hunt to find artists in North Carolina.

Visit: mintmuseum.org/craftingnc
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Paper Critters Issue Date: 05-06-2012

Cool Spots imageMichael LaFosse of the Peabody Essex Museum, pem.org/sites/origami, provides video demonstrations to teach you how to create origami icebergs, polar bears and other animals. If you are a beginner, you can choose from an iceberg or a penguin. When you are ready for a challenge, the narwhal and leopard seal are good projects to tackle. Each video takes less than 15 minutes, but the techniques you will learn may inspire you to create models of other animals or objects. Choose Fold More Models to expand your collection. Friends and family will be amazed at your polar creations!

Visit: pem.org/sites/origami
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A Holiday Project Issue Date: 12-19-2010

Cool Spots imageMake Do and Mend, http://firstsite.uk.net/
, will keep idle holiday hands busy with great puppet projects. New gifts may surround you this time of year, but you will soon find yourself using recyclables for amusement. Meet the puppets who inhabit the magic suitcase, such as Oscar the Magician and Isabella Emmanuella the Eco Fashion Designer, made from items you have around the house. Read their stories and then choose a puppet to make. You can even make all five and put on a show for your family!

Visit: http://firstsite.uk.net/makedoandmend
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A Blank Canvas Issue Date: 10-03-2010

Cool Spots imageThe Paper Project, http://paperproject.org, is committed to exploring one of the world’s most basic and yet amazing forms of art: papermaking. Paper is much more than just notebook filler! This site walks you through the papermaking process and also offers a 3-D tour that allows you to put yourself in the middle of the process. Click on Web Gallery to see microscopic pictures of fibers coming together. If you want to try to make your own paper, visit The Technology, where instructions await those who want to get their hands dirty. Dig in!

Visit: http://paperproject.org
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Get Your Craft On Issue Date: 06-20-2010

Cool Spots imageBookmark Tate Create: Be Crafty Online at http://kids.tate.org.uk/create/create_all_activities.shtm for a sure-fire way to cure your boredom blues. Use your imagination to create an angel out of everyday materials, or find new ways to create an old favorite, the collage, in Frame a View. With your parents' permission, go into the bathroom closet and snag a bar of soap. Soap Carving will have you whittling wonders in no time. From creating light labs to building houses, you are bound to find the perfect project for you.

Visit: http://kids.tate.org.uk/create/create_all_activities.shtm
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