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Myths and More Issue Date: 08-19-2007

Cool Spots imageThe Minneapolis Institute of Art wants to share its World Myths & Legends in Art with you at www.artsmia.org/world-myths. What Is Myth? will tell you why we have myths and what cultural purposes they serve. Practice your analytical skills in Compare & Contrast, where you can peruse through art pieces and write your thoughts. Explore Art by Culture takes you from Egypt to China for an awesome look into how myths play a role in different cultures' art. You can also search art by theme if you know the genre you are looking for. Be sure to share this site with your art teacher!

Visit: www.artsmia.org/world-myths
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Hoppin' Art Issue Date: 08-05-2007

Cool Spots imageMeet Edward Hopper when you browse through his scrapbook courtesy of the Smithsonian American Art Institute at http://americanart.si.edu/collections/exhibits/hopper. Get a glimpse of Hopper's family, friends and the amazing paintings he created as you flip through the pages of his personal life. Get your ticket ready and click on Art to see Hopper's shows, full of his featured works. Favorite Places introduces you to Hopper's stomping grounds from train rides in Mexico to the city life in Paris. This site is sure to inspire your wanderlust and creativity, so get ready for a journey in artistic expression today.

Visit: http://americanart.si.edu/collections/exhibits/hopper
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Lookin' at Leo Issue Date: 04-15-2007

Cool Spots imageLearn about the many hats worn by Leonardo da Vinci at www.mos.org/
. Take in the visual splendor of da Vinci's work when you tour the virtual museum and view select masterpieces. This Renaissance man, artist and animal lover had amazing talents, including a beautiful singing voice. If you are wondering about how his art took shape, explore the Multimedia Zone for lessons on vanishing point, sfumato and perspective -- all important elements in da Vinci's masterpieces. Cool downloads are available in Toolbox to maximize your enjoyment of all this site has to offer.

Visit: www.mos.org/leonardo
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Smithsonian Sneak Issue Date: 08-20-2006

Cool Spots imageRoam the dark halls of the Smithsonian when you sneak into http://americanart.
. Around the corner, the root monster is waiting for you with tasks. Watch out! He can be unpredictable. Cool Smithsonian residents will guide you through your journey after midnight as you solve mysteries and collect codes. You will be an art hero when you help misplaced masterpieces find their homes. Awesome art fun is at your fingertips!

Visit: http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/online/midnight
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A Look at Leo Issue Date: 03-26-2006

Cool Spots imageBecome reborn when you look into the life of Leonardo da Vinci, a true renaissance man, at www.museoscienza.org/english/leonardo. Da Vinci was shaped by an exciting period in history and strove to create tools that would further the development of his beloved city, Florence. In Machines, get an idea of just how many inventions Da Vinci dabbled in, and study Manuscripts to uncover the mystery behind some of Da Vinci's most important works, such as the Windsor Folios and the Madrid Codices. Make sure to visit the Virtual Museum for a "3-D" tour before you leave Da Vinci's world.

Visit: www.museoscienza.org/english/leonardo
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