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Stamp It Up Issue Date: 08-10-2008

Cool Spots imageBrowse through a collection of beautiful stamps at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum's "The Art of the Stamp," www.postalmuseum. si.edu/artofthestamp. From superheroes to superstars, many memorable faces and places have graced our nation's stamps. The Artwork link features cool categories, such as Stamps With a Story and Love. Zoom out of this world with Science and Technology stamps featuring gorgeous portrayals of memorable moments in space. Then visit American Legends, where great men and women are highlighted for all to enjoy.

Visit: www.postalmuseum.si.edu/artofthestamp
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Looking Forward Issue Date: 07-27-2008

Cool Spots imageTake time to celebrate the forward-thinking individuals who coined Modernism at www.artsmia.org/modernism. Click on the different icons of the timeline to discover how modern art has progressed. The Arts and Crafts movement became more refined in the era of Art Nouveau when the French brought color and form together to create new beauty. American efforts took glass and ceramic designs to a higher level, while the Viennese honed metalworking skills to add style. Check out the names of the featured artists and see how they contributed to this revolutionary artform.

Visit: www.artsmia.org/modernism
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Behind the Art Issue Date: 05-04-2008

Cool Spots imageCreative and artistic minds come together at Bottlecaps to Brushes, http://americanart.
, to celebrate cool and unusual art. Meet Cappy and get to know this awesome, skateboarding giraffe at the Smithsonian, and learn how artists created him from pop tops. Mouse over the bottle caps and see what treasures are hidden underneath. Art can tie together many different elements. In List of Activities you'll discover hidden information about art. From secret codes and images to the materials used, there is always more to an artist's story.

Visit: http://americanart.si.edu/education/insights/cappy
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Artwork of the East Issue Date: 11-04-2007

Cool Spots imageVisit San Fransisco's Asian Art Museum, www.asianart.org, to sample 6,000 years of history and culture through art. First, check out the onscreen highlights of the special works this museum wants to share with you. On View features what art pieces are currently displayed and others that are coming soon. Collection Overview explains what all the different represented regions have contributed to the art exhibits in the museum. From the stone and bronze beauty of Southeast Asia to ceramics from China, this site will have all you art lovers wanting more.

Visit: www.asianart.org
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Artistic Africa Issue Date: 09-09-2007

Cool Spots imageThe National Museum of African Art is ready for your arrival at www.nmafa.si.edu/index2.html. This virtual museum collection introduces you to the imaginative brilliance on display in Africa. Arts and Programs brings the art to you as you tour the many galleries highlighting the beauty of this faraway land. Explore the Collection explains the uses, diversity and imagery used in African art to help you understand the history behind the creations. Visit Playtime and see the rich history behind Africa’s masks, then design your own.

Visit: www.nmafa.si.edu/index2.html
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