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Spirit of America Issue Date: 02-10-2013

Cool Spots imageTake a virtual trip back more than 200 years and view a stunning exhibit of paintings and objects depicting daily life and culture in Creating America, nelson-atkins.org/studio33/interactives/CreatingAmerica. Scroll over paintings in Work & Play to learn interesting facts about each one. Did you know that a common "profession" for working-class boys was selling newspapers? Of the two types of transportation featured in "On the Road," in Community, which is still used today? The Herter Bookcase may be the fanciest bookcase ever. Find out who carved it.

Visit: nelson-atkins.org/studio33/interactives/CreatingAmerica
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Understanding Leonardo Issue Date: 02-05-2012

Cool Spots imageUniversal Leonardo, universalleonardo.org, is ready to introduce you to Leonardo da Vinci, one of history’s great geniuses. Click on Explore to begin your journey into Leonardo's world as you discover how he connects elements such as water and the human body. Did you know there are secret stories behind his famous works? Browse through Discover to find out what the Madonna of the Yarnwinder is keeping from you! Be sure to play great games where you can work on mirror images, create a Mona Lisa smile and fly like a bird.

Visit: universalleonardo.org
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A Cool Carr Issue Date: 01-15-2012

Cool Spots imageMeet a talented artist at the Vancouver Art Gallery's Emily Carr exhibition, virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/EmilyCarr/en. This animal and nature lover painted original and colorful works that will tickle any art lover's fancy. Visit Technical Practices to get a behind-the-scenes look at Emily's art techniques. Take special note of the time periods under Emily Carr: A Biographical Sketch to see some of her famous works, such as “Totem Walk at Sitka”, and discover the inspiration and history behind them. This is a visual banquet, so take your time and enjoy.

Visit: virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/EmilyCarr/en
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Paintings Mount Up Issue Date: 01-08-2012

Cool Spots imageBBC's Your Paintings, bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings, has a huge collection of paintings – 79,000 at last count – awaiting your discovery. Navigate the extensive database of images, where you can search by artist or items that are found in the paintings. Many famous painters, such as Claude Monet and William Blake, are featured. Art is all about inspiration, and you are sure to find some here. So check out the amazing works in these virtual galleries, and then investigate if any art exhibits are showing in your area.

Visit: bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings
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From the Heart Issue Date: 09-25-2011

Cool Spots imageHeart and Soul: Quebec Folk Art, www.civilization.
, will capture your attention with creativity and sparkle. Did you know that most folk art can be considered either traditional or non-conformist? See if you can spot theses themes as you browse through art such as nativity scenes and original metal works. Artists Worth Knowing will give you a crash course on who's who in the folk art world and why they do what they do. This is a great site for school projects on culture and art, so bookmark it for future use.

Visit: www.civilization.ca/cmc/exhibitions/arts/art-quebec/art-quebec1-e.shtml
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