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Virtual Museum Issue Date: 07-20-2014

Cool Spots imageFraboom Online Museum, fraboom.com, is a place to discover, create and have fun. You can play games, read books, attend art classes and watch cartoons. Dodge traffic, rivers and predators when you play Beeline. Master the Games to unlock new levels to play. Do you like to draw? Even if you are a beginner, you will enjoy episodes of Kartoon Kow, where you can learn to draw faces, noses and mouths. There is also a live Drawing Academy available during the week. Next, kick back, relax and read “The Munchy Crunchy Bugbook” in Interactive Books.

Visit: http://fraboom.com
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Art Games Issue Date: 05-25-2014

Cool Spots imageLearn more about works of art in a fun way at Art Games, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s interactive site,kids.albrightknox.org/html/gamesgallery.html. William Harnett liked to paint still life, something you may enjoy in art class. It might look like an ordinary collection of objects, but many of them have special meaning. Some may be symbols of the artist’s perspective on life, such as a blown-out candle representing life’s short span. Other items may have simply been personally significant to the artist, as in Delaunay’s painting "Sun, Tower, Airplane."

Visit: http://kids.albrightknox.org/html/gamesgallery.html
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Adventure at the Museum Issue Date: 02-16-2014

Cool Spots imageAre you ready for an amazing journey? Join Aaron’s Awesome Adventure, metmuseum.org/metmedia/kids-zone/start-with-art/aarons-awesome-adventure, as he learns the stories behind the artifacts at New York’s Metropolitan Museum. While his dad wouldn’t let him carve paintings into his bedroom walls as the Egyptians did, he decided to do some research on his own to learn why they did these things. Next, examine “Washington Crossing the Delaware.” Does the action depicted in that painting make you want to learn more about the famous general?

Visit: http://metmuseum.org/metmedia/kids-zone/start-with-art/aarons-awesome-adventure
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Latin Gallery Issue Date: 12-22-2013

Cool Spots imageThe Smithsonian Latino Center’s Kids Corner, latino.si.edu/KidsCorner, demonstrates how to find out more about a culture when you take a closer look at the details in portraits, listen to popular music and view priceless artifacts up close. Enter the Latino Virtual Gallery for Kids and examine the portrait of Bernardo Gálvez. His pose and the items in the picture tell us a lot about the type of person he was. The Son Clave Lounge is a music studio. Get up and dance as you listen to lively music and examine the instruments used to create unique Latin sounds. Take a virtual expedition to Mexico through videos and artifacts in Meso Time.

Visit: http://latino.si.edu/KidsCorner
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Native Culture Issue Date: 02-24-2013

Cool Spots imageTake a virtual trip through various regions of the Americas to learn about the Infinity of Nations, nmai.si.edu/exhibitions/infinityofnations/
. Play Culture Quest and travel to each region, gathering facts about its people, environment and unique objects. Complete all 10 activities to earn badges and become a Culture Quest Leader. Did you know that headdresses were given only to people who served important roles in their communities? Explore the Gallery to examine interesting objects and contemporary art.

Visit: nmai.si.edu/exhibitions/infinityofnations/culturequest
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