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Places for the Mind Issue Date: 08-08-2004

Cool Spots imageEnter uncharted territory at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Places exhibit at www.lacma.org/Places. Cindy Bernard's mountain-like, microscopic masterpiece will alter your sense of proportion, and Thomas Moran's colorful hot springs painting will make you feel like you've stepped into an alien landscape. Take a meditative journey with two maps of sacred places. Then scroll through China's Hunan province. Be sure to look at "ffwsptffwsptffwspt," a painting based on sidewalk stains.

Visit: www.lacma.org/Places
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Art Unlimited Issue Date: 07-18-2004

Cool Spots imageTake a color-infused trip through the art world with Cybermuse Youth at http://artissimo.gallery.ca/cybermuse/youth/index_e.jsp, where it's all about you. Choose from three different homepage designs. Then take two questionnaires that'll clue you in on your art style. There's a whole section devoted to M.C. Escher's mathematical mindscapes. The artist once said, "You are immovably the focus of your world." Agree or disagree, the Careers section can help you prepare for a job where you'll be in the center of the art world.

Visit: http://artissimo.gallery.ca/cybermuse/youth/index_e.jsp
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Painting the Dancer's Life Issue Date: 07-11-2004

Cool Spots imagePut on your slippers and pirouette to Degas and the Dance at www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/
. Edgar Degas lived in Paris, and he loved to put ballet dancers in his art. But his paintings show more than girls in pretty costumes. Roam through the galleries to see different sides of ballerina life. Degas' statue, "Little Dancer," drew much attention because he chose to sculpt a young girl rather than a well-known ballerina. Play Eye Spy where you try to find pink bows and pointed toes hidden in the paintings.

Visit: www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/exhibits/degas/flash/intro.html
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Posters American Style Issue Date: 06-27-2004

Cool Spots imageIn Americaís earlier days, posters were like Web sites. People came up with a message, added a graphic and created instant communication. Posters American Style at http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/online/posters gives you a look at a creative art form thatís still going strong today. Some posters sell things and some give advice. Others have historical significance, such as the ones in The Impact. One poster of a rooster covered with eyeballs celebrated the opening of an art exhibit.

Visit: http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/online/posters
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Brooklyn and Beyond Issue Date: 06-06-2004

Cool Spots imageBrooklyn Expedition at www.brooklyn
explores three themes with information from Brooklyn's Public Library, Museum of Art and Children's Museum. In Structures, discover similarities between bridges, skeletons and the Dewey Decimal System. When you visit Latin America, you'll learn about ancient beliefs, rituals and modern-day celebrations. Click on Brooklyn to find a timeline of the city's history and information about artists and authors from the area.

Visit: www.brooklynexpedition.org
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