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Picture This Issue Date: 10-11-1998

Cool Spots imageSet your focus on http://photography.
where the work of the world's most famous photography is collected for your use. For generations, National Geographic has been teaching us about amazing cultures, religions, and events all over the world. If you're a junior shutterbug, you'll especially like the Camera Bag, where experts help you become a world-class photographer, too. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com
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Everybody's Photo Album Issue Date: 03-01-1998

Cool Spots imageYou can learn a lot from old family scrapbooks, but you can learn even more from America's biggest photo album-the Library of Congress collection. Flip over to the pages of http://memory.loc.gov/ammem for an in-depth look at the American Memory. Just click on a photograph to open the door to an amazing collection. Or, if you don't have a particular favorite topic, just browse around. There's a little bit of everything in this scrapbook, from George Washington to Houdini. Not only will you find amazing pictures and information, but you can also listen to history. Hear folk songs from the 1930s and speeches from World War I! Now that's an amazing scrapbook. It's the Library of Congress' job to make sure that major historic events are preserved for generations to come. Take advatange of this national treasure.

Visit: http://memory.loc.gov/ammem
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The Electric Gallery Issue Date: 08-31-1997

Cool Spots imageTake a walking tour through www.egallery.com to see several artists' visions of of our world. Browse through the Southwest wing to see Native American imagery or choose the Jazz & Blues Wing, the Amazon Project, or one of the seven others. You'll see everything from still life to contemporary art. You can also read all about the artists, their work and their visions.

Visit: www.egallery.com
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This Is One Bloomin' Site Issue Date: 06-08-1997

Cool Spots imageApril showers bring May flowers, but now you can enjoy these beautiful blooms all year long. Wildflower photographer Thomas Kornack grew up in a flower-hunting family, and now he shares his wildflower collection on the whole World Wide Web at http://androsace.com. But these are more than pretty pictures-there's a lot of science in flowers. As you browse through photos of flowers from the woods of West Virginia to the summits of Switzerland, you'll also learn lots about these amazing plants. Like, did you know that orchids like to grow around utility lines in the woods? Thomas can tell you why. Whether you're into plant science or just like flowers, you'll want to check out this page and the other cyber-flower links because, who knows, there just might be a future botanist in you.

Visit: http://androsace.com
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