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The Unspoken Details Issue Date: 11-09-2003

Cool Spots imageListen to the African Voices at www.mnh.si
. An interactive timeline, beginning 5 million years ago, lays out a sequence of events ranging from human arrival in Africa to the present. Examine the African realms of family, work, community and the natural environment by exploring themes such as Kongo Crossroads, Market Crossroads and Global Africa. The Focus Gallery offers photographs related to the Afro-Brazilian religion. You'll find resources for studying African peoples and their culture in the Learning Center.

Visit: www.mnh.si.edu/africanvoices
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Art Makes Smart Issue Date: 09-28-2003

Cool Spots imageA palate of colorful art awaits smARTkids at http://smartmuseum.uchicago.edu/smartkids. The tour of a photographer's studio will show you what it takes to develop a picture of a Chicago landmark. Use the online journal to record observations of and reactions to sculptures, pottery and paintings. Fear not if you aren't an art historian. Art Speak will clear up any confusion you may have about art jargon, and deductive reasoning will help you solve the case of the scrambled art

Visit: http://smartmuseum.uchicago.edu/smartkids
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The Art of Ansel Adams Issue Date: 12-30-2001

Cool Spots imageThe Ansel Adams at 100 Web site presents this famous photographer's magnificent landscapes at www.sfmoma.org/multimedia/interactive_features/22. Through seven photographs, this site traces the history and ideas behind Adams' celebrated black-and-white works. Travel back to November 1941 when Adams came upon a beautiful sunset in northern New Mexico. Via Quicktime video, Adams will tell you the story of how he captured the image in a matter of seconds. His mountain photographs detail what great lengths he would go to in order to catch the perfect image. By manipulating the photographs in "Surf Sequence," you can add your own artistic touch to Adams' photographs. Visit this site to celebrate and enjoy the works of one of the world's most famous photographers.

Visit: www.sfmoma.org/multimedia/interactive_features/22
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The Kodak Girl Comes To Life Issue Date: 02-04-2001

Cool Spots imageWhen George Eastman invented the simple-to-use Kodak camera, he used images of women to advertise his product. Thus was born the Kodak Girl. Zoom in and focus on the Kodak Girl Collection at www.kodakgirl.com. You'll find many images of the Kodak Girl from magazine ads, catalog covers, posters and more. In addition, the site features rare photos of women with cameras in postcards, snapshots and other media. Finally, the Toys and Figurines sections have photographs of camera-related toys, dolls and beautiful miniature figurines. Enjoy this delightful and unique collection of photographs of women with cameras. Remember the Kodak Girl the next time you take a picture.

Visit: www.kodakgirl.com
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A Portrait Of History Issue Date: 04-18-1999

Cool Spots imageIf a picture says a thousand words, then the American Museum of Photography is the ultimate storybook. This Web site features the who's who of famous shutterbugs. Focus in on www.photographymuseum.com to enjoy all of the features and exhibitions. You'll meet Matthew Brady, the legendary Civil War photographer who captured Abe Lincoln's weathered face for a nation. The museum also has tours of architecture and natural photography, as well as favorite portraits. With its endless personalities and art, this museum has some serious depth of field. Say cheese! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.photographymuseum.com
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