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The Math Path Issue Date: 04-14-2013

Cool Spots imageIf you want to grow up to design robots, build roller coasters, be an animation artist, or even own a cafe, you will need to learn math. At Math Apprentice, mathapprentice.com, you can choose a character and explore a virtual world where you experience jobs that use mathematical concepts every day. At Wheelworks, you can use ratios and geometry to build a custom bicycle for a professional athlete. Meet Clair, a programmer who designs video games, in Game Pro. Help her program an adventure game and see how important math is in moving characters around the screen.

Visit: mathapprentice.com
User Rating: 3.0646616541352stars
665 users rated this site
Math Adventures Issue Date: 08-12-2012

Cool Spots imageMathMovesU, mathmovesu.com/mmu-games, makes solving math problems fun in an interactive environment. Design your own unique character, then select your math level to begin playing. Flash cards in each area of the site identify games, quizzes and activities. Walk to the baseball field and try to score a run to add 2,000 points to your scoreboard. Then move on to the Eiffel Tower and solve The Legend of Joule's Jewels. You become the engineer at the Pythagorean Pavilion as you control the sound and lights to keep the crowd happy. Keep that Rockometer on green or you'll lose this crowd!

Visit: mathmovesu.com/mmu-games
User Rating: 3.3400000000002stars
500 users rated this site
Pet Rescue Issue Date: 05-13-2012

Cool Spots imageLure of the Labyrinth, labyrinth.thinkport.org, will have you thinking like a mathematician as you attempt to liberate the pets from the Tasti Pet Factory. Your goal is simple, but success depends on your ability to outsmart some extremely unpleasant monsters! Your creative thinking skills will kick into high gear as you try to earn tokens by working at the factory. Choose a username and password, but don't use your real name. Then pick your pet, select a disguise and name your avatar. Will you join the ranks of those who have lost and found pets before you?

Visit: labyrinth.thinkport.org
User Rating: 3.1764705882356stars
561 users rated this site
Calculation and Manipulation Issue Date: 12-25-2011

Cool Spots imageIf math is your thing, check out the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/
. This amazing collection of lessons is the perfect place to hone your skills. Search for your grade level to begin. Kindergarteners through second-graders can learn from bar charts and a virtual abacus. Factor trees, naming fractions and pie charts will help those in third through fifth grades work complex math problems and tackle new material. Bookmark this site because you can use it through high school, and pass it on to your teachers for resource sharing.

Visit: nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html
User Rating: 3.0800653594772stars
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Maps and Stats Issue Date: 06-05-2011

Cool Spots imageMapping and statistics can be pretty challenging for adults and kids alike. Mapstats for Kids, www.fedstats.gov/kids/mapstats, wants to help you find your way with great games and a colorful section of interactive activities. Stixie and Globie will be your buds during adventures on this site. Ring your bell as the ice cream man and see if you can deliver creamy treats to all your friends. Now Paint the Map and see just how statistically savvy you can be. Fantastic farms and groovy graphics await!

Visit: www.fedstats.gov/kids/mapstats
User Rating: 3.0230769230767stars
390 users rated this site

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