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Math Games Issue Date: 07-10-2016

Cool Spots imageKeep your math skills sharp over the summer with more than 300 free e-learning for kids Math games, e-learningforkids.org/math. Choose your grade level for a list of interactive games that combine math skills and real world situations. In Grade 5, for instance, help the coach determine strategies in Baseball Fractions. Can the Singing Fairies keep Mad Marvin calm so he can complete his experiments? Meet Makiko in her Dojo, where understanding area and angles will help you in martial arts. Do you shine in division? Take an Amazon River Boat Trip with Julia for a challenge.

Visit: http://e-learningforkids.org/math
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Solve the Mystery! Issue Date: 06-19-2016

Cool Spots imageSam Lava and Dottie Double need your help to solve Maths Mysteries, counton.org/mathsmysteries. The Space Federation has given Sam Lava special permission to go on a Space Adventure. He plans to travel to the Cold Star to discover why this particular star stays cold when all other stars are always very hot. You’ll have to solve some math challenges along the way. Dottie Double is at the Chart Idol competition, and someone is trying to sabotage the contest. Costumes have been misplaced and the lights have been shut off! Dottie needs your help in counting the votes. Can you assist her with the computer so the results will be accurate?

Visit: http://counton.org/mathsmysteries
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Math Challenge Issue Date: 05-01-2016

Cool Spots imageHow quick are you at multiplication? Compete with students Around the World at mrnussbaum.com/aroundtheworld, to see. Knowledge of basic multiplication facts is essential to success in math. It saves time to have these facts memorized so they are automatic when you are completing word problems or determining how many times a divisor goes into a dividend in long division. Visit a class of international students and choose from the students who raise their hands, then answer the flash card questions before they do. Check out Interactive Skillbuilders for more practice.

Visit: http://mrnussbaum.com/aroundtheworld
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Math Games Issue Date: 02-07-2016

Cool Spots imagePBS Kids presents Cyberchase, pbskids.org/cyberchase/math-games, a collection of math games that will give you the practice you need to ace your next math test. Stop That Creature by typing in the math rule that runs the machine. Read the clues to find answers when you play Sleuths on the Loose. Help the movie theater guy Stop the Pop by discovering the codes that turn the machine off before the theater fills up with popcorn. Play Rescue Ecotopia and try to avert potential disaster by adding plants and animals to keep the ecosystem healthy.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/cyberchase/math-games
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Math Challenges Issue Date: 01-24-2016

Cool Spots imageDo you enjoy number challenges? Knowledge Builder presents Math Games, mathsadventures.co.nz/knowledge builder.html, a collection of timed activities to test your problem-solving skills. Identify the pattern in Find the Number. If you’ve ever played dominoes, use your knowledge to find the Missing Fact. In Conveyor Belt, eliminate the numbers between the factors given. Enter the number that will even both sides in Balancing Act. The timer is on, so think fast! Do you know your multiplication table? You’ll need those facts to score in Square Bricks.

Visit: http://mathsadventures.co.nz/knowledgebuilder.html
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