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Math Mania Issue Date: 12-18-2005

Cool Spots imageExperience the joys of math with Count On at www.counton.org. In Games, play Who Wants to Be a Mathonaire and try to reach a million points by answering math questions with five levels of difficulty. Learn how math is used to create cellphone ringtones by searching the archives of The Sum in News. Journey into Numberland to read stories about the unique properties of each "magic square." In Explorer, read The Wise Wizz of Woo poem and discover how the Wiz invented numbers. You can count on a good time when you visit Count On.

Visit: www.counton.org
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410 users rated this site
Bead Counters Issue Date: 10-30-2005

Cool Spots imageAbacus: The Art of Calculating With Beads at www.ee.ryerson.ca/~elf/abacus offers an alternative to calculators when performing math functions, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Start off with information on the Basics, Technique and The Abacus Today. Put that knowledge to use with the Interactive Abacus Tutor, where you control the beads. In History, follow the use of the abacus through time from its earliest forms to contemporary abacuses. This site really adds up.

Visit: www.ee.ryerson.ca/~elf/abacus
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258 users rated this site
Math Cat Fever Issue Date: 08-28-2005

Cool Spots imageFor a site that really adds up, try Math Cats at www.mathcats.com. This feline frenzy helps you explore math in combination with subjects such as crafts, arts, sports, history, geography and much more. In Math Cats Explore, find out exactly how old you are to the hour, minute and second. You'll also find games, fractions, tessellations and other geometry puzzles. Make a number city in Math Crafts, or submit photos and participate in writing contests in Math Cats' Art Gallery. "Purr"fect your math skills.

Visit: www.mathcats.com
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344 users rated this site
Get the Math Advantage Issue Date: 04-24-2005

Cool Spots imageDoing well in math takes a lot of practice. Now you can double up on your math practice with Math Advantage at www.hbschool.com/menus/math_
. Conveniently divided into grade levels, from kindergarten to grade eight, this site is sure to make a difference in your math skills. Each level features multimedia activities to challenge you. Included is a glossary, also accessible by grade level, so you can find out exactly what each math term means. Try the activities in the E-Lab for even greater challenges. This site really adds up.

Visit: www.hbschool.com/menus/math_advantage.html
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The Basics of Banking Issue Date: 02-06-2005

Cool Spots imageBank on your future at www.banking
. Practicing good money management early on will serve you for life. Zing leads fourth- and fifth-graders on his adventures with money, while Angie enlightens those in grades six through eight. Learn where money comes from and what a bank is in Banking Basics. Savings and Checking gives you the opportunity to practice using an ATM and writing checks. Visit Assessment to put all of your new knowledge to use. Don't forget to print off your certificate, proof that you are money smart.

Visit: www.bankingonourfuture.org
User Rating: 2.8820960700874stars
458 users rated this site

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