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A Prize for Your Eyes Issue Date: 04-19-2009

Cool Spots imageSee if you can find the patterns at Fun with Periodic Structures, www.mathamanda.com/
. Both man-made objects and those created by Mother Nature show periodic structures. Attempt to recreate these patterns as you click and drag puzzle pieces to get the whole picture. Did you know flies see in multiples that look a lot like periodic structures? Before you move on, click on Learn More to find out how honeycombs, diamonds and some architectural structures use patterns to create meaningful beauty.

Visit: www.mathamanda.com/games/periodic/periodic.html
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The Wonders of Geometry Issue Date: 03-08-2009

Cool Spots imageLet the Beauty of the Golden Ratio unfold before your very eyes at http://library.thinkquest.org/trio/TTQ05063/index.html. Many amazing architectural feats, such as the ancient pyramids, would be impossible without the golden ratio and the Fibonacci number sequence. Even though most of us think of math as a school subject, this site helps everyone to see that numbers are active and very much alive in nature, art and astronomy. So take time to learn how certain mathematical equations can be reflected in everyday objects.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/trio/TTQ05063/index.html
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Facts on Fractals Issue Date: 01-20-2008

Cool Spots imageMath can be beautiful, and fractals are proof! Click on http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/frac to learn more about these bright geometric shapes. Why Study Fractals? will help you understand fractals and their properties. Once you feel ready, make some of your own fractals such as the Anti-Snowflake or the Sierpinski Triangle. If you are computer crazy, you can use Java to explore fractals as well. Practice your drawing skills with the Koch Snowflake. You can even print out the triangle grid paper for extra help.

Visit: http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/frac
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Math and More Issue Date: 09-02-2007

Cool Spots imageListen up all you science and math lovers! Physics and mathematics unite for a true brain temptation in Zona Land at http://zonaland
. Choose the subject that you enjoy the most, and jump in for a good time. In More Science than Mathematics, you can visit the physics department to learn more about mechanics, waves and light. More Mathematics than Science is full of challenging math concepts like trigonometry and geometry, where you can solve functions and graph data. Math and science can be challenging, but analyzing these puzzles is guaranteed fun!

Visit: http://zonalandeducation.com
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Math Mogul Issue Date: 01-28-2007

Cool Spots imageYou will have a great time playing math games and sharpening your number skills at Count On, www.counton.org. New games are added regularly like Sudoku, a cool puzzle where you can pick your level for a super fun challenge. Click on Numberland and choose any number to find out some unique facts about that particular figure. Geometry enthusiasts will not want to miss The Third Dimension, where a new interactive program is in its beginning stages. Do you have an upcoming math exam? Send good luck wishes to classmates with Cards Online.

Visit: www.counton.org
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