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Blending Interests Issue Date: 01-17-2010

Cool Spots imageTake art and math, join them together and what do you get? The Virtual Math Museum, http://virtualmathmuseum.org/mathart/MathematicalArt.html, is ready to show you how graphic art relies on the visual appeal of math. Symmetry is naturally pleasing to the eye, and the evolution of artistic technology has made the relationship of numbers and pictures easier to understand. Scroll through the fascinating images this site features to see these concepts in action. Click on the colorful pieces that catch your interest for more information about the artist.

Visit: http://virtualmathmuseum.org/mathart/MathematicalArt.html
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548 users rated this site
Seeing Is Believing Issue Date: 11-08-2009

Cool Spots imageTake a different approach to fractions at Visual Fractions, www.visualfractions.
. Different kinds of learners benefit from a variety of teaching tactics when it comes to grasping tough math concepts. Instead of just pumping out numbers, Visual Fractions is ready to show you how those numbers look! Through graphs and pie charts, math can take on a new face and, in turn, you may gain new understanding. If seeing is believing, this is the site for you, so make sure to share it with other math lovers in your life.

Visit: www.visualfractions.com
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Math Tools Issue Date: 09-06-2009

Cool Spots imageSlates, Slide Rules and Software: Teaching Math in America at http://americanhistory.si.edu/teachingmath invites you to discover the different objects used to help in the study of math. Look to the left of the page to see the various time periods highlighted on this site. During Colonial times the slate, a small chalkboard, was an important math tool. Technology since then has enabled young students to learn math on cool handheld computer devices called calculators. No matter how you are crunching your numbers, this site will open your eyes to the amazing history behind math.

Visit: http://americanhistory.si.edu/teachingmath
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Don't Just Do Math Issue Date: 08-23-2009

Cool Spots imageMathematics is much more than just a series of functions and equations at the MathSite, http://mathsite.math.berkeley
. Here, you can see, hear and do math! As the graphics flash across your computer, you will see different math ideas in action. The Math Site's exhibits are meant to show you exactly how this amazing subject works, from breaking down a triangle to more complicated sorting exercises. Be sure to try your hand at the Stable Marriage Problem to see if you can match face cards on your way to success and become a new math guru.

Visit: http://mathsite.math.berkeley.edu
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Mucho Math Issue Date: 05-10-2009

Cool Spots imageCrunch some numbers at MathSlice, www.mathslice.com. Whether you are looking to hone your math skills or if you are just searching for a brain- busting good time, this site will challenge and entertain young minds. Try your luck and discover how the odds are or are not stacked in your favor at Smart Guess. Maybe you want to play an old favorite, Hide and Seek, and then snoop around to find Timon in less than three moves. Before you head out, test your memory skills with Flash Memory, and be sure not to forget all these cool games!

Visit: www.mathslice.com
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