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Geometry Issue Date: 10-08-2017

Cool Spots image Do you think math is fun? You will when you visit Math-Playís Geometry Math Games, math-play.com/Geometry-Math-Games.html, and learn to master angles, shapes and theorems. In 2D Shapes, score points for correct answers in a game-show environment. Classifying Geometric Figures requires quick thinking to identify and place 2- and 3-dimensional pictures in the correct basket. Do you know your Types of Polygons? You have only 30 seconds to unscramble the name of each one! Knowledge of Basic Shapes is an essential skill in geometry; see if you can name all six.

Visit: http://math-play.com/Geometry-Math-Games.html
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Math Games Issue Date: 07-30-2017

Cool Spots image Is your brain ready for school this year? Check out Mathopolis, mathopolis.com, for games and questions designed to improve your memory and math skills. Head over to Games, where you will train your mind to remember letters and numbers in order. Youíll receive points based on speed and accuracy. In Space you will practice graphing directions, estimating angles, area and volume, and navigating mazes. In Data you will be asked to decode words, hit coordinates and order letters. Work fast ó the clock is ticking! Now move on to Questions for the opportunity to practice math skills. Good luck!

Visit: http://mathopolis.com
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Crack the Code Issue Date: 06-04-2017

Cool Spots image The CryptoClub Project, cryptoclub.org, is a unique way to improve your problem-solving skills. When you use a cellphone or a computer, your passwords and private information are often encrypted. Cryptography is the science of deciphering codes or secret messages. Check out the Encrypting and Decrypting Tools in Ciphers to encrypt words. Think you have it figured out? Visit the Message Board in Challenges and use the Cracking Tools to figure out how to read a message without the key. Uncover the secret password to release the djinni from the magic bottle when you play Desert Oasis Treasure Hunt in Games.

Visit: http://cryptoclub.org
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Math Magic Issue Date: 04-23-2017

Cool Spots image Fractions and decimals can be difficult to understand when they are introduced. Some learners need a little hands-on practice to see how math applies to real life. Enter Mendelís Magic Math Market, e-learningforkids.org/math/lesson/magic-math-market, where Mendel will guide you through the fun activities that will help you become a Master Mathemagician. Each step of this lesson requires you to use your magic wand to click on produce from the market to arrive at correct answers. First, determine how fractions are represented by pieces of fruit. Once youíve mastered fractions, youíll learn how to find the decimal that is equivalent to a given fraction.

Visit: http://e-learningforkids.org/math/lesson/magic-math-market
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Math is Fun! Issue Date: 04-09-2017

Cool Spots image Math may not seem easy or fun while you are working on your homework, but Pearson Education will help you enjoy it more at Maths Champs, mathschamps.co.uk. Bop a Bot when you click the correct answer for addition and subtraction practice. Type the right answer to destroy the rows of bricks as you master your multiplication facts in Brick Blaster 3. Are you ready to do some quick thinking? Rock and Roll-bot 3 needs your help to reach the exit in time. Multiply three-digit numbers by 10 to reach the next level. Multiple Match 1 challenges your knowledge of multiples of 11 and 12.

Visit: http://mathschamps.co.uk
User Rating: 2stars
6 users rated this site

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