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A Lesson in Economics Issue Date: 12-20-2009

Cool Spots imageHave you bought anything lately? Find out how important your consumption is to our economy at YouAreHere, www.ftc.gov/youarehere. This virtual mall will have you traveling from different stores to the food court, chatting up the employees as you figure out how capitalism plays a role in your life as you purchase. A trip through the shopping center will teach you all you need to know to be a savvy shopper, from spotting false advertising to understanding business mergers. Keep spending your money smartly!

Visit: www.ftc.gov/youarehere
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Made of Money Issue Date: 06-21-2009

Cool Spots imageLearn what it takes to become a super-successful entrepreneur at Be a Victorian Millionaire Now! at www.mylearning.org/intermediate-interactive.asp?
. This interactive exercise featuring Benjamin Gott will help you figure out which risks to take and what moves to steer clear of if you want to increase your bank account. Think you're ready? You will have to decide how to invest, spot future trends and more. Will you follow conventional wisdom or try your luck to make big bucks? See if you have the skills to win the game and apply these lessons in your life.

Visit: www.mylearning.org/intermediate-interactive.asp?journeyid=160&resourceid=344
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Friends at FedVille Issue Date: 01-25-2009

Cool Spots imageMoney matters, and FedVille is ready to help you learn all you need to know about saving and spending at www.frbsf.org/education/fedville. Choose a character and password to begin. Mouse around in your room, then hit the streets of FedVille in search of cool clues that will add to your wallet and your brain! As you make your way in this virtual world, check your Clues Book for help when you run into trouble. You'll be an expert at managing your money affairs by the time you leave.

Visit: www.frbsf.org/education/fedville
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Check, One, Two Issue Date: 04-08-2007

Cool Spots imageIt may seem like eons away, but you will become a grown-up and Reality Check at www.cdr.state.tx.us/realitycheck/start.htm can help prepare you for what's in store. Find out how much money you will need to live and what careers might interest you as you browse through this super site. Career Direct shows bright minds what paychecks look like from different jobs. In Get a Reality Check, make your lifestyle choices and see how much money you'll need to make it happen. Regardless of your passion, discover this valuable resource for future planning.

Visit: www.cdr.state.tx.us/realitycheck/start.htm
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Money Matters Issue Date: 08-27-2006

Cool Spots imageEarthlings blast off to Knab on a money management quest at www.escape
. Your ticket back to Earth is costly. Find a job, save your pennies and complete monetary tasks to get back home. Conquer the W-4 tax form with tips from the Knabian Revenue Service. Next, create your budget and save for slime repellent. Check out Personal Information to see what you make, spend and save as you try to reach your financial goals. Live dangerously and you might end up stranded.

Visit: www.escapefromknab.com
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