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Save Your Money Issue Date: 03-29-2015

Cool Spots imageLearn how to be smart with your money as you play the games at Rich Kid Smart Kid, richkidsmartkid.com/index.html. Help Jesse decide what size scoop she needs to sell to make a profit at her ice cream stand. Head over to Big Cheese Island, where you have several options to make the money you need to play games. As you play each game, you will learn all about debt by working, investing and borrowing money. Ima will teach you how to make wise investments. Avoid the falling doodads – they will empty your savings bank!

Visit: http://richkidsmartkid.com/index.html
User Rating: 2.8249475890991stars
954 users rated this site
Play With Money Issue Date: 10-19-2014

Cool Spots imageThe United States Mint presents H.I.P. Pocket Change Games, usmint.com/kids/games. The games are based on coins commemorating historical events. Help Minty use the kite to collect lightning before it fries the snake in Franklin’s Try-N-Fly. Use the compass rose to follow The Lewis and Clark Adventure trail. Complete activities in each state, and collect medals and coins along the way. Did you know that commemorative coins are created for each Olympic Games? Choose between Nero’s Slalom or Pinky’s Ski Jump in Winter Coin Olympics and find out why the bronze medal is plain.

Visit: http://usmint.com/kids/games
User Rating: 2.7403100775196stars
774 users rated this site
Invest Your Allowance Issue Date: 06-22-2014

Cool Spots imageMeet the Centsables, centsables.com, a group of superheroes who are here to teach you how to spend your money wisely. Learn about each character in Bios, where you’ll find out what their super powers are and where they work during the day. Next, move on to Lessons and read colorful short stories, such as “How Kids Earn Money.” You might get a few ideas that will help you earn some extra cash over the summer. Do you like reading Comics? Find out what happens when little Rosie drops a quarter in her mom’s growth serum in “Loosed Change.” Take a Scooter Ride, then navigate the Coin Drop and play Hi-Lo in Fun & Games.

Visit: http://centsables.com
User Rating: 3.0214646464659stars
792 users rated this site
Spend or Save? Issue Date: 05-18-2014

Cool Spots imageThe Great Piggy Bank Adventure,piggybank.disney.go.com/about, will help you make good choices for that allowance and birthday money you have been collecting. Invest, save, spend and learn about wise financial habits as you navigate this site. Play Now to get started, then choose your character and a goal. Roll the dice to see where to go next. Earn extra money by making good decisions along the way. For example, should you treat yourself to a candy bar or save what it costs? This will determine how much you can add to your bank.

Visit: http//piggybank.disney.go.com/about
User Rating: 2.6930693069309stars
808 users rated this site
Spend Wisely Issue Date: 04-20-2014

Cool Spots imageMad Money, pbskids.org/itsmylife/games/mad_money_flash.html, is a game that gives you 30 days to earn, spend and save your money. You begin with a shopping list of items to purchase. Each week you receive a $15 allowance to spend. You have the chance to earn extra money when you see a flashing dollar bill. Beware of impulse shopping and money mishaps, however, because you must buy everything on your list before the 30 days are up. Watch the calendar closely to make sure you don’t run out of time. You want to have enough money at the end to buy a big-ticket item.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/games/mad_money_flash.html
User Rating: 3.1200657894736stars
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