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Origins of Money Issue Date: 10-29-2017

Cool Spots image Have you ever wondered why money was invented? The British Museum presents Money, britishmuseum.org/explore/ themes/money.aspx, from its origins to the present. The Beginnings of Coinage are traced back to ancient kingdoms such as Lydia. Coins were weighed, and a coinís image indicated its value. By the 1500s, images on coins were more detailed. Money was used to spread beliefs or messages and later helped historians learn about ancient rulers. In Spending, Saving and Borrowing, see how spending money has changed in the digital age.

Visit: http://britishmuseum.org/explore/themes/money.aspx
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Money Around the World Issue Date: 10-29-2017

Cool Spots image If you travel internationally, you will find that some countries do not accept funds from the United States. When that happens, you have to exchange your money for the currency of the country you are visiting. You can examine Currencies of the World at Math Is Fun, mathsisfun.com/money/currency, to compare foreign coins and banknotes to U.S. currency. What can you learn about a country from the objects that are portrayed on its money? Egypt features wonders such as the pyramids and the Sphinx. Canada shares its beautiful wildlife on its coins.

Visit: http://mathsisfun.com/money/currency
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Virtual Road Trip Issue Date: 10-29-2017

Cool Spots image Hit the Road: A Financial Adventure, mycreditunion.gov/ Pages/pocket-cents-game.aspx, is an interactive game to help you practice money-management skills. Choose your character and travel companions, and start your trip. Your professions will determine the jobs you can do to earn money along the way. You will have to budget carefully to buy food, gas and supplies. You also take time to sightsee in your travels. Earn experience badges visiting historic monuments in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Chicago. Can you complete the trip with money in the bank and no debt?

Visit: http://mycreditunion.gov/Pages/pocket-cents-game.aspx
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Learn About Banking Issue Date: 09-03-2017

Cool Spots image Hands on Banking, handsonbanking.org/htdocs/en/k, introduces you to banking basics so youíll be able to manage your money wisely. In You and Your Money, follow friendly aliens through a series of lessons and games to learn where money comes from and how you earn it. Have you ever wanted to save for a big purchase such as a bike or a tablet? In Budgeting, learn how to save money for the things you want. Banks are safe places to keep your money when you are not using it. Did you know that you can earn interest for keeping money in the bank? Learn more in the Savings and Checking Guide.

Visit: http://handsonbanking.org/htdocs/en/k
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Visualize Money Issue Date: 06-18-2017

Cool Spots image Can you visualize what a trillion dollars would look like? The MegaPenny Project, tinyurl.com/kxtpqk7, uses pennies to represent large numbers so you can compare differences from One to One Quintillion pennies. As you navigate the project, youíll be given the value, height, width, thickness, weight and area of each amount of pennies. Did you know that a stack of 10 million pennies would be nearly 10 miles high and weigh more than 31 tons? Youíll also learn facts such as which would weigh more, a blue whale or 100 million pennies. Find out how many pennies are currently in circulation in the U.S.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/kxtpqk7
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