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Math Games Issue Date: 05-10-2015

Cool Spots imageIf you have trouble with certain concepts when doing math homework, check out Sheppard Software’s online math games, sheppardsoftware.com/math.htm. Fractions can be tricky, but more than 20 games will help you learn quickly. Measurement is important in math, as you’ll see when you use games to calculate length, volume, weight and more. Play perimeter, area and volume games in Geometry. Learning about Rounding and Estimating is a blast with Math Man, a game modeled after the popular vintage Pac-Man arcade game.

Visit: http://sheppardsoftware.com/math.htm
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Math Terms Issue Date: 04-26-2015

Cool Spots imageHave you ever had trouble solving a math problem because you weren’t certain about the definition of some of the words in the question? Harcourt School Publishers Multimedia Math Glossary, hbschool.com/glossary/math2/index_temp.html, demonstrates math terms clearly to help you understand those tricky questions. For example, what is the difference between an acute angle and a right angle? An animated example makes the concept easy to understand. You can search by grade level or select the first letter of the word from the alphabet at the top of the page. Useful tables are also included, such as Metric, Customary, Time, Money and Symbols.

Visit: http://hbschool.com/glossary/math2/index_temp.html
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Visit the Bank Issue Date: 04-19-2015

Cool Spots imageDo you keep your allowance or birthday money in a piggy bank? The Banking Kids Page, bankingkids.com/index_m.html, teaches you how to deposit your money into an actual bank. At the Elementary level you will learn how to make a Savings Deposit and plan a Budget. Learn how Jane, who is 8 years old, plans to save for a bike and helmet. Next, move on to Teens, where you’ll learn how to write a check, use a check register, check your account balance, and deposit and withdraw money from an ATM machine.

Visit: http://bankingkids.com/index_m.html
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951 users rated this site
Save Your Money Issue Date: 03-29-2015

Cool Spots imageLearn how to be smart with your money as you play the games at Rich Kid Smart Kid, richkidsmartkid.com/index.html. Help Jesse decide what size scoop she needs to sell to make a profit at her ice cream stand. Head over to Big Cheese Island, where you have several options to make the money you need to play games. As you play each game, you will learn all about debt by working, investing and borrowing money. Ima will teach you how to make wise investments. Avoid the falling doodads – they will empty your savings bank!

Visit: http://richkidsmartkid.com/index.html
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Homework Help Issue Date: 03-22-2015

Cool Spots imageDo you ever have trouble understanding a math or science assignment? Meet Sam, Zoe, RJ and Mia, the Crew at StudyJams, studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/index.htm, an awesome place to go for homework help. Concepts such as the Water Cycle come to life with animated videos that make it easier to understand what you are learning. Some topics are easier to remember if you sing them. For instance, you can learn about Photosynthesis as you sing along to a karaoke video. Then Test Yourself to make sure you learned the important facts. How do you apply Double Digit Division to basketball? Check out Math, where concepts are demonstrated step-by-step.

Visit: http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/index.htm
User Rating: 3.2717536813924stars
747 users rated this site

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