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Math Challenges Issue Date: 01-24-2016

Cool Spots imageDo you enjoy number challenges? Knowledge Builder presents Math Games, mathsadventures.co.nz/knowledge builder.html, a collection of timed activities to test your problem-solving skills. Identify the pattern in Find the Number. If you’ve ever played dominoes, use your knowledge to find the Missing Fact. In Conveyor Belt, eliminate the numbers between the factors given. Enter the number that will even both sides in Balancing Act. The timer is on, so think fast! Do you know your multiplication table? You’ll need those facts to score in Square Bricks.

Visit: http://mathsadventures.co.nz/knowledgebuilder.html
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Punctuation Games Issue Date: 01-10-2016

Cool Spots imageDid you know that the ancient Maya people were expert mathematicians? They used seeds, sticks and shells to solve complex math calculations. Now you can learn the Maya Math Game at maya.nmai.si.edu/maya-sun/maya-math-game. In Practice Rounds you will use the three Maya symbols that represent numbers 0 to 9. Once you’re ready, Start the Game. Your challenge is to solve math problems and collect clues to help you determine the occupation and identity of each mathematician. Because the Maya used only three symbols for numbers, the answers can be tricky.

Visit: http://maya.nmai.si.edu/maya-sun/maya-math-game
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How Much Is It? Issue Date: 12-13-2015

Cool Spots imageSense & Dollars, senseanddollars.thinkport.org, wants you to find out how much you really know about money. As your parents complete their holiday shopping, you may be hearing a lot about budgeting. When you grow up you will probably have a full-time job and household expenses you’re responsible for. Play the Check It Out game to find out if you can manage a monthly budget efficiently. Now Plan Your Dream Prom and see if you have set aside a realistic budget for the big day. Credit cards seem like an easy way to make purchases, but find out how much you are really spending when you play Charge!

Visit: http://senseanddollars.thinkport.org
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Live Math Issue Date: 10-11-2015

Cool Spots imageWhen you are learning geometry, long division or fractions, do you ever wonder when you’ll use them in the real world? We Use Math, weusemath.org, answers that question. Learn what the highest-paid college degrees have in common in Did You Know? Find out who the first female mathematician was in Math Tidbits. Being great at math does not necessarily come naturally. How to Succeed in Math outlines the characteristics needed to do well. You may be surprised to know that hard work is more important than natural talent when it comes to math.

Visit: http://weusemath.org
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Money Management Game Issue Date: 09-06-2015

Cool Spots imageWhat happens when you combine money management and sports? Financial Soccer, financialsoccer.com/play, simulates a professional game in which you score goals by answering monetary questions correctly. If you have ever saved your allowance, birthday money or gift cards to purchase something you really want, you know that managing funds requires making good choices. In Pregame, choose topics for practice answering more difficult questions in the game. When you’re ready, choose a level, game length and team. Careful: One wrong answer, and the other team will steal the ball!

Visit: http://financialsoccer.com/play
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