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Math Challenge Issue Date: 05-01-2016

Cool Spots imageHow quick are you at multiplication? Compete with students Around the World at mrnussbaum.com/aroundtheworld, to see. Knowledge of basic multiplication facts is essential to success in math. It saves time to have these facts memorized so they are automatic when you are completing word problems or determining how many times a divisor goes into a dividend in long division. Visit a class of international students and choose from the students who raise their hands, then answer the flash card questions before they do. Check out Interactive Skillbuilders for more practice.

Visit: http://mrnussbaum.com/aroundtheworld
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Get to Work! Issue Date: 04-03-2016

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Money Metropolis, practicalmoneyskills.com/games/moneymetropolis, where you have to do your job well to earn money. What would you like to save for? Once you establish your goal, you will begin with one month’s allowance in your budget. Now take a walk around town and find work. Aidan’s Gas Station is a fine place to work, but you’ll have to work fast. Customers won’t be happy if they have to wait too long. The Library needs your help to sort books. Daniel’s House is noisy, but you can earn $15 by keeping the house quiet while the baby sleeps.

Visit: http://practicalmoneyskills.com/games/moneymetropolis
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Scam or Wise Investment? Issue Date: 04-03-2016

Cool Spots imageFraud Scene Investigator, www.wvsao.gov/suitableinvestments/, can help you evaluate whether an investment is sound. If a company asks you to invest in a product, how do you know if it is trustworthy? In Chapter 1, follow Kim as she helps Grandmother decide if Unlikely Technology is a worthwhile investment. Learn what “bankruptcy,” “pump and dump” and “broker” mean. If someone promises that an investment will yield a huge return in a short amount of time, it may be too good to be true. Find out what to look for to protect your money.

Visit: http://www.wvsao.gov/suitableinvestments/
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Money Games Issue Date: 02-28-2016

Cool Spots imageInvesting genius Warren Buffett shares his knowledge of sound financial practices at the Secret Millionaires Club, smckids.com. Did you know that Buffett is considered one of the most successful investors in the world? Get to know the colorful Characters who inspire good business practices. Watch the animated series in Webisodes, which features kid entrepreneurs who encounter business and financial problems that they need to solve. If you prefer reading, you’ll find their adventures in Comics. Perhaps it will inspire you to begin your own business! Test your math skills and find out just how much you know about running a business in Games.

Visit: http://smckids.com
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Math Games Issue Date: 02-07-2016

Cool Spots imagePBS Kids presents Cyberchase, pbskids.org/cyberchase/math-games, a collection of math games that will give you the practice you need to ace your next math test. Stop That Creature by typing in the math rule that runs the machine. Read the clues to find answers when you play Sleuths on the Loose. Help the movie theater guy Stop the Pop by discovering the codes that turn the machine off before the theater fills up with popcorn. Play Rescue Ecotopia and try to avert potential disaster by adding plants and animals to keep the ecosystem healthy.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/cyberchase/math-games
User Rating: 2.9664122137405stars
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