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Math is Fun! Issue Date: 04-09-2017

Cool Spots image Math may not seem easy or fun while you are working on your homework, but Pearson Education will help you enjoy it more at Maths Champs, mathschamps.co.uk. Bop a Bot when you click the correct answer for addition and subtraction practice. Type the right answer to destroy the rows of bricks as you master your multiplication facts in Brick Blaster 3. Are you ready to do some quick thinking? Rock and Roll-bot 3 needs your help to reach the exit in time. Multiply three-digit numbers by 10 to reach the next level. Multiple Match 1 challenges your knowledge of multiples of 11 and 12.

Visit: http://mathschamps.co.uk
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6 users rated this site
Pre-Algebra Adventures Issue Date: 02-26-2017

Cool Spots image PBS Kids Cyberchase can help you improve your pre-algebra skills at Find It! Pre-Algebra, pbskids.org/cyberchase/find-it/pre-algebra. Videos and games show the fun side of pre-algebra. In A Circumference Situation, watch colorful characters figure out how to unlock a gate to escape a creepy creature. Play Jigsaw Puzzle Size Up and beat the clock to fit the pieces. Are you a storm chaser? Watch Storm Tracking in Penguia, and help Inez and Fluff figure out the direction and speed of snow to learn how much time their friends have before they get snowed in.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/cyberchase/find-it/pre-algebra
User Rating: 4stars
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Math is Fun Issue Date: 02-12-2017

Cool Spots image Mr. R.’s World of Math and Science, mathstory.com, puts the fun back into math with a series of challenges, games and music videos designed to teach math concepts. Created by a math teacher, these activities are kid-tested and classroom-approved. Learn about Fractions and Place Value in Music Videos. Math Stories combine literacy and math to give you the practice you need to master tricky word problems. Check out The Evil Wizard of Math! for an exciting adventure. To advance to the next page, you must answer the math question correctly. Move on to Mr. Al Geebrah & Fractions for more practice.

Visit: http://mathstory.com
User Rating: 2stars
3 users rated this site
Learn About Finances Issue Date: 01-08-2017

Cool Spots image Discovery Education presents Econ Essentials, econessentialsinschool.com, interactive modules designed to teach you about personal finance and the global economy. Do you plan to purchase a car or attend college? Digital Learning Modules share Foundations of Finance, a chance to see the impacts of your financial decisions. See if your choices make your fortunes grow or shrink. Facts About Food demonstrates why food prices fluctuate. Watch “Why the U.S. Needs a New Generation of Farmers” in Video Series, and meet a young woman using creative financing to fund her farm.

Visit: http://econessentialsinschool.com
User Rating: 2stars
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Manage Your Money Issue Date: 11-20-2016

Cool Spots image Whether it’s an allowance, a paycheck or birthday money, it’s important to learn to manage your finances. The Mint, themint.org/teens, shows you how. In Earning, check out a list of starting salaries in various fields. Even your first job can provide you with experience that can steer you toward a future career. Take the Be Your Own Boss Challenge to see if you have what it takes. Saving money is an important skill. Use the Saving Calculator to find out how much you’d need to save monthly to buy a car when you turn 16. Learn how to Shop Smart, then take the Spender Quiz.

Visit: http://themint.org/teens
User Rating: 3stars
18 users rated this site

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