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Do the Math Issue Date: 09-27-1998

Cool Spots imageKeep your math homework handy and get ready to crunch some serious numbers! At WebMath, you'll find instant solutions to those nasty math problems you're having trouble solving. Bring your calculator and a geometry set out to www.webmath.com and get ready to dive into fractions, polynomials and integers. Interested in graphing a circle? How about solving a quadratic equation? WebMath covers most of the problems that give you a headache in the classroom. But math is for the real world, too. The Web site teaches you how to calculate a tip at a restaurant, figure out the price of a sale item and convert a temperature between scales. The site even has Java animations to help you better understand your math dilemma. WebMath brings the basics of math down to a denominator we all can understand! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.webmath.com
User Rating: 2.5992217898825stars
514 users rated this site
You Can Really Take Off With Math Issue Date: 06-15-1997

Cool Spots imageWhether you're a world traveler or an aerospace engineer, you have to know the basics of math to get where you're going, right? That's exactly what Plane Math Activities sets out to do, as it teaches math fundamentals while bringing you along for an exciting, airborne adventure. Fly out to www.planemath.com and find out why number-crunching can be your secret to success in the skies or the stars. Interested in chartering a flight of San Francisco Junior Giants out to New York in as little time as possible? How about flying a herd of buffalo to the prairies? Or meeting world-famous NASA engineers? With cool graphics, stories and people to meet, Plane Math Activities brings out the best pilots in all kids. And no matter what route you choose, you're bound to learn the tricks of the trade. Just remember to refuel your jet and be courteous to your passengers!

Visit: www.planemath.com
User Rating: 3.0137795275587stars
508 users rated this site
Dr. Math Can Cure Your Number Ailments Issue Date: 09-15-1996

Cool Spots imageI'll bet you can't stump Dr. Math! This doctor is really a team of Swarthmore graduate students on-line to answer your e-mail about math at http://mathforum.org/dr.math. Sure, you can ask about decimals, algebra and long division, but can these electronic tutors answer questions about math facts and trivia, like who invented the plus sign? And why we need fractions? And who invented math, anyway? Of course. If you're frustrated, don't give up. Try Dr. Math, who always has time and is always ready with an e-smile. When you ask for help on your own stumper, take a second to read other que stions and answers. You may find help you didn't even know you were looking for!

Visit: http://mathforum.org/dr.math
User Rating: 3.3339285642856stars
560 users rated this site

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