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Money Matters Issue Date: 04-29-2012

Cool Spots imageMinyanville and the Council for Economic Education present a colorful collection of characters to help kids learn all about money management in MinyanLand, minyanland.com. Use the World Map to find your way around town. Everyone starts with $50,000! Stop by the Bank to invest in electronics, view your bank statement, and earn extra cash as a Money Sorter. Stroll down Boo Blvd. at the Playground and spin the wheel to make some serious cash. Now that you’ve earned extra money, the furniture store at the mall has everything you need to furnish your condo.

Visit: minyanland.com
User Rating: 2.9882352941182stars
935 users rated this site
Business as Usual Issue Date: 02-26-2012

Cool Spots imageBiz Kid$, bizkids.com, will have you “cashing in” in no time. Learn from financially savvy kids as you browse through blog posts and click on topics such as “What Happens to Old Money” and “How Coins Got Their Grooves.” Don't miss The Calculator in Students, where you’ll find all kinds of moneymaking and money-saving tips and tricks. Remember that finance does not always have to be such a serious topic. Take a load off in Games, where you can play The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, All Terrain Brain and more.

Visit: bizkids.com
User Rating: 2.6165919282512stars
446 users rated this site
Calculation and Manipulation Issue Date: 12-25-2011

Cool Spots imageIf math is your thing, check out the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/
. This amazing collection of lessons is the perfect place to hone your skills. Search for your grade level to begin. Kindergarteners through second-graders can learn from bar charts and a virtual abacus. Factor trees, naming fractions and pie charts will help those in third through fifth grades work complex math problems and tackle new material. Bookmark this site because you can use it through high school, and pass it on to your teachers for resource sharing.

Visit: nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html
User Rating: 3.0800653594772stars
612 users rated this site
Oinking and Banking Issue Date: 08-14-2011

Cool Spots imageThe $mart Piggy: Making Money Count, http://library.thinkquest.org/08aug/00196, wants to make you a better saver and smarter spender. Do you get an allowance? Do you work for your money? What do you do with your money when you have it? This website is committed to helping you make decisions about what kinds of jobs you can do in and out of your house to increase your cash flow. Once you decide how much you will charge an hour, get out there and work your way into financial security. You are never too young to start.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/08aug/00196
User Rating: 2.9604395604403stars
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Maps and Stats Issue Date: 06-05-2011

Cool Spots imageMapping and statistics can be pretty challenging for adults and kids alike. Mapstats for Kids, www.fedstats.gov/kids/mapstats, wants to help you find your way with great games and a colorful section of interactive activities. Stixie and Globie will be your buds during adventures on this site. Ring your bell as the ice cream man and see if you can deliver creamy treats to all your friends. Now Paint the Map and see just how statistically savvy you can be. Fantastic farms and groovy graphics await!

Visit: www.fedstats.gov/kids/mapstats
User Rating: 3.0230769230767stars
390 users rated this site

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