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Tune In Issue Date: 07-30-2006

Cool Spots imageBuild a satellite for the people of Littleton at www.eduweb.com/portfolio/designsatellite. Jimmy and Susie love television but are unable to watch their favorite shows without your help. Click on Littleton townspeople for satellite building suggestions. You must get your satellite into orbit, where it must make its own power, point at Earth and relay signals so Littleton can watch television. When you complete your task, Littleton will finally be able to partake in one of America's favorite pastimes.

Visit: www.eduweb.com/portfolio/designsatellite
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Where It's At Issue Date: 02-05-2006

Cool Spots imageKids' Place at www.eduplace.com/kids has all the homework help you need for math, science, language arts, social studies and more. Choose your grade level, 1 to 6, and a textbook at School Books to discover topics such as Mulan, A City at Sea or Earthquake Terror. How strong is your brain? Test it out at Brain Power and see if you can successfully complete the Brain Teasers, Web Word Find and Tackle Reading. If you are ready for recess, then play Games. Wacky Web Tales and Fake Out! will give your mental muscle a workout. The school bell is ringing here.

Visit: www.eduplace.com/kids
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Peter Packet Issue Date: 12-18-2005

Cool Spots imageJoin Peter Packet in Packetville to learn about technology at www.cisco.com/warp/public/779/edu/packetville/pr.html. In Games, play Episode II: Penny's Search and help her find cool careers in technology while dodging hackers and swimming in a data stream full of electromagnetic eels. Continue to Activities, where you can Test Your Internet IQ. Young Heroes features an all-girls fire fighting team. In Cool Techie News, go behind the scenes at the Pixar Animation Studio or watch an awesome movie on the growth of the Internet. This site packs a whole lot of fun.

Visit: www.cisco.com/warp/public/779/edu/packetville/pr.html
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Learn the Biz Issue Date: 03-24-2002

Cool Spots imageIf you're young and you have great ideas, head directly to http://library.thinkquest.org/28188 and learn the eBiz4Teens. The eBusiness revolution has created wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurs, and this site can help you stake your claim to success. Learn how teen-agers and the Internet have changed the business world. Knowledge is power, especially at eBiz4Teens where you'll find a host of eBusinees resources at your fingertips. Go Interactive and send a virtual postcard to your fellow teen entrepreneur. This site is an important stop on the road to e-success.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/28188/
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Mastering the Subject Issue Date: 11-07-1999

Cool Spots imageLooking for an easy way to make schoolwork more fun? Then swing by the Kids' Clubhouse, the home for games and resources for math, reading, social studies and science. Bring your school supplies and a brown bag lunch to www.eduplace.com/kids and prepare to play while you learn. Check out Web Word Find, where you'll test your detective skills by finding specific words hidden in a puzzle. Or create your own Wacky Web Tale, where you might find yourself scoring a touchdown in the big game, or on the search for the elusive Bigfoot. At Reading Dimension, the site's book club, you will be able to share your thoughts on some cool books with all your online pals. Not to be forgotten is Math Central, the home for number crunchers and multiplication table champs! No matter what your subject, you're going to love the fun that's found at the Kids' Clubhouse.

Visit: www.eduplace.com/kids
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