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E-Learning for Kids Issue Date: 09-14-2014

Cool Spots imageBrush up on your Computer Skills at E-Learning e-learningforkids.org/computer-skills. You probably took a computer class in your early grades. Become a master typist with Keyboarding Skills, choosing from five Modules for extra practice. Microsoft PowerPoint creates presentations that will help you ace any project. Do you use the Internet for research, to play games, chat with friends or send email? Check out Safe Internet Usage to learn how to stay safe online. Learn what to watch out for to protect yourself and your information.

Visit: http://e-learningforkids.org/computer-skills
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Spycat Issue Date: 08-17-2014

Cool Spots imageThe British Council, britishcouncil.org/kids-stories-spycat-popup.htm, challenges you to help Spycat solve a mystery. He needs to find the villain Ratty before his new super rat virus takes over all of the world’s computers. Join Spycat as he flies all over the world collecting clues to help foil Ratty’s destructive plan. Unscramble the words to move on to the next destination. You’ll need to use the Code book to crack the final code and read the message that will lead you straight to Ratty’s hideout. Can you get there before he carries out his evil plot?

Visit: http://britishcouncil.org/kids-stories-spycat-popup.htm
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Catching Up Issue Date: 08-03-2008

Cool Spots imageAppreciate your access to technology at e-Divide: Information Inequality, http://library.thinkquest.org/05aug/
. Many kids aren't aware that not everyone is able to become tech-literate. Take an eTour and learn about the digital divide that affects millions around the world. Then browse the Sub-Topics to discover the reasons for the divide, such as physical, digital and human barriers. Want to help? Get pointers at eSolutions, where you can uncover ways to help bridge the e-Divide and make use of current technology.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/05aug/00036/index.html
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Recycling Technology Issue Date: 11-18-2007

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Let's End Technology Waste at http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/02218. It might be hard to imagine, but advances in technology have led people to create more technology trash, from old computers to CDs to office supplies. Many old electronics contain hazardous chemicals that can hurt the environment. See technology recycling in action at What Did We Reuse?, full of cool projects you can copy. Then, visit the games section and help clean up bottles or discover what items are recyclable. This site will give you some new ideas for your old tech trash.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/02218
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True or Not? Issue Date: 10-14-2007

Cool Spots imagePay a visit to the Credibles at http://library.
and learn more about information on the Internet. Sometimes the Internet is not the most reliable place to find the facts you need. Browse Censorship to discover how to discern whether your Internet source is one-sided. Sensationalism explains how a simple story can be blown out of proportion due to popular Internet coverage. Legitimacy is crucial if you need the truth and nothing but the truth. Search the Glossary for important terms then test your Internet smarts with Trivia.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/00446/home.html
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