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Making Stuff Issue Date: 02-08-2004

Cool Spots imageChances are, you've eaten a jelly bean or watched an airplane flying high. Head over to http://manufacturing.
to discover How Everyday Things Are Made. Put your brain to the test and find out what you already know about manufacturing. Then watch videos about motorcycle engines, sweaters and candy packages. You'll learn how yellow cocoa seeds are browned, sorted, ground and hydraulically pressed to turn them into cocoa powder. Think of this as your own private factory tour!

Visit: http://manufacturing.stanford.edu
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Gear Up for Simple Machines Issue Date: 05-04-2003

Cool Spots imageNothing is simple about Edheads' Simple Machines at www.edheads.org/
. This site is jammin' with cool information about simple machines found in and around the house. In the Toolshed, you'll learn about compound machines: two or more machines working together to get the job done. Interactive games teach you how to identify different machines and the jobs they do. Use the glossary if you find any terms that you've forgotten or don't understand. This site is simply wonderful. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.edheads.org/activities/simple-machines
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Inventor Haven Issue Date: 03-16-2003

Cool Spots imageInvention at Play at www.inventionatplay
lets you peer inside the minds of people such as James McLurkin, who built his first robot at 15. Read about McLurkin's and other inventors' stories. The Invention Playhouse has four interactive games that stretch your imagination. Construct a track with objects such as coils, pipes and hammers, and experiment with ways to get the tinker ball to the goal. You can add to Word Play, an ongoing story about invention, or be a cloud dreamer and design a cloud.

Visit: www.inventionatplay.org
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Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Issue Date: 05-05-2002

Cool Spots imageThe Cyber Toaster Museum at www.toaster.org is dedicated to the mystery and wonder of the device that makes our bread crisp. Check out the toaster's evolution with pictures from the past. In Toaster Miscellany, you'll find anything from toaster boxer shorts to toaster coloring books. Oil and water color paintings of toasters hang in the Toast(er) Art Gallery. Make sure you get to see the vintage Toaster Ad of the Month. Raise your juice glass to toast the toaster, the greatest invention to grace the breakfast table.

Visit: www.toaster.org
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Engineering Marvels Issue Date: 11-04-2001

Cool Spots imageExplore our technological world at the Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century Web site at www.greatachievements.org. Whether you are interested in airplanes, electronics, computers, radio and television, or spacecraft, this site has the info you seek. Explore the history and timeline of each engineering marvel. There are 20 articles in all. Get connected at this marvelous site.

Visit: www.greatachievements.org
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