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Scientific History Issue Date: 07-23-2017

Cool Spots image Do you enjoy traveling to see unusual things? If so, this virtual trip to Florence, Italy, will take you inside the Museo Galileo, catalogue.museogalileo.it, to view a collection of more than 5,000 scientific instruments. Enter Rooms and visit Galileo’s New World, where you will see two original telescopes built by the great scientist centuries ago, in 1609. See a pendulum clock designed by Leonardo da Vinci in Objects. Looking for something specific? Artifacts are arranged in alphabetical order so you can easily locate items of interest. Doing research on an Italian scientist? Check out Biographies and Videos by thematic area to help you gather your facts.

Visit: http://catalogue.museogalileo.it
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Invent an App Issue Date: 07-16-2017

Cool Spots image Have you ever had a great idea for an app and wished you could create it yourself? Google and MIT have partnered to help anyone learn to program apps for Android devices. AppInventor, appinventor.org, provides step-by-step tutorials and an online app creator for you to begin. Select Get Started and check out the Course Overview, then the I Have a Dream Tutorial. You’ll learn to create a simple app and add components using code. Once you know the basics, master building more complex apps. Learning Nuggets, printable worksheets and tips will help turn your idea into a published app in no time.

Visit: http://appinventor.org
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Science Competition Issue Date: 11-13-2016

Cool Spots image If you love science and technology, you’ll want to check out ExploraVision, exploravision.org, an annual science competition for K-12 students and their teachers. Students are challenged to choose a current technology and conduct research to determine how it might be improved in 20 years. For example, the Nintendo Entertainment System was released along with the Super Mario Bros game in 1986. Twenty years later, Nintendo released the Wii along with the popular Wii Sports game. Select Competition to learn more about the contest, then get inspired by Real Samples of Winning Projects. Entries are due Feb. 6, 2017.

Visit: http://exploravision.org
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Timely Messages Issue Date: 08-21-2016

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wondered how people delivered messages before modern technology existed? The History of Communication Technology, personal.psu.edu/jtk187/art2index.htm, describes such inventions as the telephone, radio, television and postal system. Did you know that the radio did not transmit speech in its early days? Find out what it was originally used for. Once technology improved, families used radio in much the same way as modern families glean information from television and the internet. TV was invented nearly 50 years before its signals were broadcast in the United States.

Visit: http://personal.psu.edu/jtk187/art2index.htm
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Flying Machine Issue Date: 10-05-2014

Cool Spots imageThe Smithsonian introduces you to the Wright Brothers, airandspace.si.edu/exhibitions/wright-brothers/online/, the inventors who designed and built the first flying machine. Discover what they were like in Who Were Wilbur & Orville? The brothers were inspired by birds, believing that human flight was possible. Inventing a Flying Machine describes the amazing journey they took on the way to their goal, changing travel forever. In Interactive Experiments, check out Music in the Air and listen to some of the music that defined the Aerial Age.

Visit: http://airandspace.si.edu/exhibitions/wright-brothers/online/
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