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Safety First Issue Date: 03-04-2012

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Chat Danger, chatdanger. com, where kids learn how to stay safe while chatting online. Technology has made communication super easy, but not without risk. Click on Email and read true stories from people who have been tricked, bullied or spammed. Move over to Mobiles to find out how to protect yourself from unwanted texts, calls, pictures and more. Find out how to make good choices in Chat, not just with people, but with the chat rooms you choose. Used carefully, social media tools can help you keep in touch.

Visit: chatdanger.com
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A New Web World Issue Date: 07-03-2011

Cool Spots imageGet an out-of-this-world crash course in online behavior at Webonauts Internet Academy, http://pbskids.org/webonauts. Begin the game by choosing a uniform and then customizing it with your favorite color. Pay close attention to your instructor. You will need to take good notes if you want to get through training and journey to Bambu. From tasting the Bamdudes cookies to choosing the perfect helmet for your mission, this site will challenge you while giving you a good time. Now, report to Mission Central for an unforgettable adventure.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/webonauts
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Your Internet Safety Vest Issue Date: 04-12-2009

Cool Spots imageStay afloat when you surf online with great tips and tricks from Safe Surfer, http://safesurfer.org. If you want to sound off with postings and blogs, be sure to check out Forum, join the conversation and be heard. The Buzz is full of great news tidbits, from general news to information about science, health and games, so no matter your interests you can find something useful. Before you leave, find your online voice at Lingo, where you will learn all the hip IM texting slang, so you can wow your friends and family.

Visit: http://safesurfer.org
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Faux's Fun Issue Date: 07-06-2008

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Faux Paw's Fun Zone at www.ikeepsafe.org/iksc_kids, where children can learn all about safe surfing on the Internet. Meet Faux Paw the Techno Cat, Cowboy Cursor and Happy Fluffy Kitty-Face in Characters. Then play some cool games like Internet Panic or Find a Match! Stay safe and learn from Faux Paw when you watch a video about his adventures on the Internet. You can also print off coloring pages of Faux Paw and his rascally buddies for some indoor fun, or download cool pics of Faux Paw and use them as wallpaper.

Visit: www.ikeepsafe.org/iksc_kids
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Safe Surfing Issue Date: 09-30-2007

Cool Spots imageThink U Know, www.thinkuknow.co.uk, should be on every kidís Internet safety list. The Web is a wonderful world, but it takes special skills to stay safe. Play Your Call in Chatting to help new friends through tough online situations. Blogs, or personal Internet entries, can be fun to read or create. Social Networking teaches you different ways to communicate with friends via a personal Web page or by sharing photos. Before you move on to another site, check out Podcasts for a must visit site link.

Visit: www.thinkuknow.co.uk
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