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Making Online Friends Issue Date: 05-14-2017

Cool Spots image Do you know how to make wise choices when you communicate with people online? Friend Finder, tinyurl.com/moyc2c6, is an interactive game to help you determine whether you are a savvy social media user. In Round One, you will examine a series of messages from people asking to join your friends list. Based on the content of each message, you will Accept or Deny the request. Correct answers will lead you to Round Two. The questions get a little tougher in this round: Two incorrect answers and youíll be out of the running. Are you ready to test your social networking smarts?

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/moyc2c6
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Surf Safely Issue Date: 03-26-2017

Cool Spots image If you receive an email with an unkind message about a friend, what should you do? FBI Cyber Surf Islands, sos.fbi.gov, is where students in grades 3-8 can go to find out what to do if someone is being bullied online, how to conduct research responsibly and what to do about problems on social media. In Online Predators, Sarah receives a friend request from someone she doesnít know. Does she make the right choice? Are you aware that a website should never ask you for personal information, like an address? In Privacy, learn how a science website for kids easily gains Angelaís personal information.

Visit: http://sos.fbi.gov
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Cybersafety Issue Date: 01-22-2017

Cool Spots imageDo you know how to stay safe on the internet? Australiaís Office of the Childrenís eSafety Commissioner wants to help. #GameOn, tinyurl.com/hy3axbt, is a collection of videos that explore the tricky situations kids can sometimes find themselves in online. Cyberbullying, online friends, sharing passwords and free downloads are all covered in the series. If you go online to play games, do research or chat with friends, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable setting, and you may not know what to do. As you watch how kids solve situations they find themselves in, you will learn to avoid similar problems.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/hy3axbt
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Net Smartz Kids Issue Date: 05-15-2016

Cool Spots imageNetSmartzKids, netsmartzkids.org, is committed to teaching kids to navigate the Internet wisely. While the Internet is a useful resource for research, it can also be unsafe. Join Clicky and his friends on an interactive RBS Adventure. Solve challenges and earn badges to become a NetSmartz Kid. Remember the simple rules so you can stay safe on the Web. In Videos, learn why Itís Okay to Tell and why Bad Netiquette Stinks. Do you know that telling a trusted adult is the right thing? Watch NetSmartz Generation to find out why.

Visit: http://netsmartzkids.org
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Internet Safety Issue Date: 01-10-2016

Cool Spots imageCaptain Broadband wants you to stay safe on the Internet. Step into Safety Land, att.com/Common/images/safety/game.html, and answer questions to earn your Hero Certificate. You should never share personal information like your name, address or phone number on the Internet. You donít know if someone you are speaking to online is being truthful about who they are. A grown-up could try to trick you into thinking they are a kid just like you. That is why it is always important to tell someone you trust if you get a weird or scary message or email.

Visit: http://att.com/Common/images/safety/game.html
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