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Spycat Issue Date: 08-17-2014

Cool Spots imageThe British Council, britishcouncil.org/kids-stories-spycat-popup.htm, challenges you to help Spycat solve a mystery. He needs to find the villain Ratty before his new super rat virus takes over all of the world’s computers. Join Spycat as he flies all over the world collecting clues to help foil Ratty’s destructive plan. Unscramble the words to move on to the next destination. You’ll need to use the Code book to crack the final code and read the message that will lead you straight to Ratty’s hideout. Can you get there before he carries out his evil plot?

Visit: http://britishcouncil.org/kids-stories-spycat-popup.htm
User Rating: 3.063011456628stars
1222 users rated this site
Programming for Kids Issue Date: 03-23-2014

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wondered how those games and apps you play on your computer are made? Tynker presents Hour of Code, tynker.com/hour-of-code, a site designed just for kids to learn the basics of computer programming. Building a game requires you to use your problem-solving skills. Solve the coding puzzles in Lost in Space, where Biff the Spaceman needs to reach the moon base. Help Pixel get back home in Puppy Adventure (Complete). Debug the code and you get to solve the maze. Try the 15 Block Challenge. Each block adds a different element to the scene. Be sure to explore each scene for hidden animals.

Visit: http://tynker.com/hour-of-code
User Rating: 3.0835543766582stars
1508 users rated this site
Around the World Issue Date: 03-02-2014

Cool Spots imageLet’s explore new places without leaving home! EarthCam for Kids, earthcamforkids.com, puts webcams in places that kids would like to see and visit. Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty? You can take a look at it right now, live, with the Liberty Harbor Cam. Zoom in for a closer look. Next, travel to Zoo Atlanta and watch the Panda Cam, where you can almost reach out and touch those cuddly creatures. Have you ever ridden an elephant? Head to Animals & Zoos and see one up close in Bali Elephant Cam.

Visit: http://earthcamforkids.com
User Rating: 3.0766526019701stars
1422 users rated this site
Thinking Guides Issue Date: 03-02-2014

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wanted to add a unique feature to a school project? Exploratree, exploratree.org.uk, helps you create thinking guides to present your work. Let’s say you are asked to provide three alternate endings to a story. You can use the Possible Futures Guide to organize your thoughts and plan the scenarios. What if you are asked to interview a professional in a career you might be interested in? A Day in the Life will help you get started. You will find this site is an excellent addition to your tools for school!

Visit: http://exploratree.org.uk
User Rating: 2.651872399445stars
1442 users rated this site
Secret Codes Issue Date: 12-29-2013

Cool Spots imageNow you can write top-secret notes to your friends at Thunk, thunk.com. Spies and military personnel use secret codes every day to send private information safely. You can do the same thing: Just type a sentence in the box and click Scramble, and your message will appear in code. You can send the coded message to a friend, who can then paste it in the box and click Unscramble to decode it. Visit Learn to see the history of scrambled messages, which goes back many thousands of years.

Visit: http://thunk.com
User Rating: 3.1825168107582stars
2082 users rated this site

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