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Virtual Science Issue Date: 04-30-2017

Cool Spots image Forestia, gameforscience.com/forestia/index.php, is an interactive science game of challenges and simulation in a virtual forest. With parental permission, create a free account to begin. First, choose an island on the map to be transported to a new environment, games and challenges. At Entry Island, visit Science Café and learn about famous scientists like Marie Curie. Participate in discussions and exchange opinions with characters at different tables. Earn neurons for correct answers and talent$ for sharing your opinion. This game will provide hours of fun!

Visit: http://gameforscience.com/forestia/index.php
User Rating: 5stars
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Surf Safely Issue Date: 03-26-2017

Cool Spots image If you receive an email with an unkind message about a friend, what should you do? FBI Cyber Surf Islands, sos.fbi.gov, is where students in grades 3-8 can go to find out what to do if someone is being bullied online, how to conduct research responsibly and what to do about problems on social media. In Online Predators, Sarah receives a friend request from someone she doesn’t know. Does she make the right choice? Are you aware that a website should never ask you for personal information, like an address? In Privacy, learn how a science website for kids easily gains Angela’s personal information.

Visit: http://sos.fbi.gov
User Rating: 4stars
5 users rated this site
Student Research Issue Date: 02-19-2017

Cool Spots imageAre you aware that not all websites are reputable resources for research? Using the Web, eduplace.com/kids/usingweb/, gives tips for finding reliable information for school projects. Begin with Searching for Websites, which has topics to research using guidelines on the Find the Right Site worksheet. In Evaluating Websites, learn how to determine whether information on a site is from a reputable source such as an educational institution or government organization, or an unreliable author. Then have some fun in Games, in the Kids’ Place, when you play GeoNet, Spelling Match and Web Word Find.

Visit: http://eduplace.com/kids/usingweb/
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Cybersafety Issue Date: 01-22-2017

Cool Spots imageDo you know how to stay safe on the internet? Australia’s Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner wants to help. #GameOn, tinyurl.com/hy3axbt, is a collection of videos that explore the tricky situations kids can sometimes find themselves in online. Cyberbullying, online friends, sharing passwords and free downloads are all covered in the series. If you go online to play games, do research or chat with friends, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable setting, and you may not know what to do. As you watch how kids solve situations they find themselves in, you will learn to avoid similar problems.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/hy3axbt
User Rating: 3.7647058823529stars
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Make Videos Issue Date: 11-27-2016

Cool Spots image Make your next project or presentation spectacular with My Simpleshow, mysimpleshow.com. This free online software allows you to create videos that explain your topic. For instance, if you are introducing Harriet Tubman in your class project, you can create a video in a few simple steps. With a parent’s permission, create a free account and get started. Choose a storyline template, then write the script. Select images to go with key words and choose one of the provided voices to narrate, or record your own. The Explainer Engine will use the information you entered to create a video to share with your class.

Visit: http://mysimpleshow.com
User Rating: 3.8stars
10 users rated this site

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