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Invention Dimension Issue Date: 06-08-2001

Cool Spots imagePut on your thinking cap at Innovative Lives, a site about some of the most remarkable inventors of our time. Located at http://invention.
this Web site features more than 30 inventors who have made awesome discoveries in a variety of fields, from electronics and transportation to medicine and the human body. Check out Mike Augspurger's innovative All-Terrain Handcycle for people who use wheelchairs. Then head to Charles Townes' maser, an invention that inspired the laser. Stop by Akhil Madhani's microscopic robots, which doctors can use to do surgery from thousands of miles away! These outstanding inventors will inspire you with their advice to aspiring inventors everywhere.

Visit: http://invention.smithsonian.org/centerpieces/ilives
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471 users rated this site
Nerd Power Issue Date: 04-01-2001

Cool Spots imageSlip on your pocket protector and surf over to Triumph of the Nerds, a PBS site at www.pbs.org/nerds. Discover the history of computers from the ancient Babylonian abacus to modern-day computer networks and the World Wide Web. Find out what some of the world's most famous nerds have contributed to the computer industry. Then test your early computer knowledge in the Guess the Computer game. You'll learn why nerds now rule the world.

Visit: www.pbs.org/nerds
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Techno Flashback Issue Date: 02-04-2001

Cool Spots imageFind out what last century's technology was like at the Technology in 1900 Web site. Dial http://pbskids.org/wayback/
. Read about the first telephone operators, early race cars and music videos. Then check out the wild predictions made in 1900 about what technology would be like in the year 2000. They weren't far from the truth. From dial phones to cell phones, we've come a long way.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/wayback/tech1900
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Get Digital Issue Date: 06-11-2000

Cool Spots imageThe exciting future of television awaits at Digital TV: A Cringely Crash Course. Tune in with host Robert X. Cringely as we dive deeper into the digital revolution. Channel surf to www.pbs.org/
and explore many of television's exciting events, including the Golden Age of Television and the introduction of color. Ever wonder why those movies you bring home are always modified for your television set? The site's cool graphics illustrate television's current aspect ratio. But HDTV has a movie screen-shaped aspect ratio to enhance your viewing experience. You'll also get the lowdown on the coming of digital sound, higher resolution and interactive television. Thanks to HDTV, you'll soon be able to play video games, surf the Web, talk to your friends and order a pizza--all through your television set. How soon can you expect this way-cool invention to hit your living room? Check out the site's digital TV timeline and find out today. This revolution is digitized. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.pbs.org/opb/crashcourse
User Rating: 3.3304904051176stars
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Watch Out! Issue Date: 05-14-2000

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wondered what makes your digital watch actually go? You'll find your answer at The Quartz Watch Web site. Tinkered with by inventors for the past 100 years, quartz finally emerged in consumer products during the 1960s, and today, we're lucky enough to enjoy its time-keeping benefits. Explore the wristwatch revolution for yourself at http://invention.smithsonian.org/centerpieces/quartz. You'll explore the insides of the digital watch, including time displays, batteries, integrated circuits and the quartz crystal. The site also features a colorful timeline, documenting everything quartz, including the discovery of piezoelectricity, the invention of the LCD and the introduction of the Swatch. There's also a section dedicated to cool watches, including the Seiko TV watch and the Timex Indiglo. Watch and learn.

Visit: http://invention.smithsonian.org/centerpieces/quartz
User Rating: 2.9203539823011stars
339 users rated this site

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