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Show Me the Money Issue Date: 02-13-2005

Cool Spots imageThe digital world has dramatically changed finance. Join the host of PBS's Electronic Money as he explores the history of currency from Before Computers to the E-Money Revolution at www.pbs.org/opb/electricmoney. You can see how money has evolved by viewing the Money timeline. Put your monetary knowledge to use with a stock-trading simulator in Fun Stuff. Money has come a long way from the shells and stones used in primitive times to the paper, coin and electronic transactions of today. Visit this site and save a buck.

Visit: www.pbs.org/opb/electricmoney
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Cracking the Code Issue Date: 12-12-2004

Cool Spots imageSolving puzzles and cracking codes is the name of the game at www.nsa.gov/kids. The National Security Agency and Central Security Service give you a look inside code cracking, its history and why it's important. You can see devices used by the United States to crack codes during war times throughout history. Codes and Ciphers teaches you how to read and write simple coding with practice activities for beginning, immediate and advanced levels. Finally, you can read short mystery stories with codes that you can crack to help solve the case.

Visit: www.nsa.gov/kids
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My Cockroach and Me Issue Date: 07-25-2004

Cool Spots imageRobots come to life in the Low Life Labs at www.robotsandus.org. The labs are divided into Moving, Sensing, Thinking and Being. In Moving, you can manipulate a robot's movement with the Soda Constructor or observe robots as they work. Do you know your facial expressions? In the Sensing Lab, you're challenged to identify faces that are angry, surprised or afraid. Mess with the mind of a Mobot as it uses quick thinking to react to light and obstacles. In the Being Lab, you'll meet Kismet, a robot who's always smiling and can interact and converse with humans.

Visit: www.robotsandus.org
User Rating: 2.8737024221453stars
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Making Stuff Issue Date: 02-08-2004

Cool Spots imageChances are, you've eaten a jelly bean or watched an airplane flying high. Head over to http://manufacturing.
to discover How Everyday Things Are Made. Put your brain to the test and find out what you already know about manufacturing. Then watch videos about motorcycle engines, sweaters and candy packages. You'll learn how yellow cocoa seeds are browned, sorted, ground and hydraulically pressed to turn them into cocoa powder. Think of this as your own private factory tour!

Visit: http://manufacturing.stanford.edu
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Catch the Ocean Spray Issue Date: 07-13-2003

Cool Spots imageCatch a wave and ride it to the Office of Naval Research's Science and Technology Focus: Oceanography online at www.onr.navy.mil/focus/ocean. Splash into Ocean Regions, where you'll find interactive maps of littoral zones and other helpful diagrams of details on the ocean floor. Ocean Life has information about marine mammals such as dolphins and the California sea lion. ALVIN, Trieste and other research vessels are important tools for underwater research. Be sure to swim carefully so that you don't get cramps.

Visit: www.onr.navy.mil/focus/ocean
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